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Avg Lean Muscle Mass Gains

Can anyone approximate what a teenage boy can expect as far as lean muscle gains in a month? I’m in no hurry but some of my friends and I are wondering. Are there dramatic differences between 13/14 15/16 17/18 etc?

I’ve put on 6lbs. in about two weeks following the Growth Surge Part Two diet and training. I was also using creatine at the time and was almost 18.

It’s different for everyone kid… I happened to put on 40 pounds in two months, and everyone swore I was on roids(yeah, people tellin this to a 14yr old). Then a couple years later, the same thing happened from 16-17.
It depends on luck, and genetics more then training I think. Just depends on when you hit a growth spurt.

By the way, there is no such thing as “lean muscle gains”. You can have lean mass gains, or you can have muscle gains, but you can’t have lean muscle gains, because muscle gains can’t be fat gains, so muscle is lean by definition. Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine.