Aversion to Spouse Approach

Hello everyone,
I’ll jump right in with what bothers me. I have an issue when my wife approaches me sexually. I cannot seem to get excited from either her body (visual aspect) or touches. That said, I myself can approach her no problem when I get those random erections, and I can do it quite often.

I initiate pretty much almost every day and sometimes up to three times a day, but if only she approaches me once, I just can’t get horny. What could be the problem? I don’t think it’s erectile issue because I would not be ale to approach her myself, but that is not the case at all. I just don’t get excited when SHE does it.

Have you tried lowering your training max?


Where are these trolls coming from? Joined 4 hours ago to post a question about sex???

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I mean if I’m a long time poster, I’m not posting this under my name.

Op, it’s all in your head.


It’s called “off topic”. What do you not understand?

Probably this…

Do go on and tell me more about you and your spouse getting it on 3x a day and you not understanding why you’re not interested though. :ear:


I understand this forum just fine. This is a FITNESS oriented forum. Nobody here cares about some random dude’s erections.

I think you’re pretty normal, cuz I cant get aroused when your wife approaches either.


Seems more appropriate for places like Reddit.

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Do you watch porn movies? If so, your wife will no longer turn you on in any way. If you are watching, stop immediately. It’s subconscious, but your expectations of how sex should work with your wife will diverge from reality. Therefore, knowing what awaits you and wanting more, you have no desire for sex.
Many women think that being active means simply showing that they want sex and start, for example, to caress or kiss their man, but that is where their initiative ends. But the man expects the woman to be much more active, what he sees in porn movies. And things don’t work out. Not that this isn’t the right approach to a man, but many women don’t feel that way.

@SkyzykS does it again. Well done sir you win the internet today

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I’m humbled and grateful. Thanks!

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Hey, good on you for reaching out.
It’s your relationship and the answer is therapy.

That’s gonna be a tough one as that poster has died.

He got fucked up - literally…

My father told me “There is someone for every stage in your life.”

He’s been married 5 times.

My stepfather listened to that story at my batchelor party and said “Yes, but its the same person.”

Just jack off then think about your life.