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Average Testosterone Levels in Men?


I would like to hear what everyone thinks the average Total Testosterone level is in normal males age 20-40. I hear so many numbers thrown around, i just wanted to get a quick read on what everyone believes the average level is.


I really do hate to be the one to break the bad news to you. Just be thankful you have some, then you can pray that your male offspring have any.

That maybe a little extreme but not by much. There is a Documentry out called the "Disappearing Male". It's about how the Testosterone level in males is dropping at an alarming rate. The National standard for the average levels for males has been reduced twice, by significant amounts.

It also points the finger at gases from plastics and other pollutions. That are messing up the ability for women to bare male childern. When they do there are an alarming amount of reproducive defects. The wide spread reduction of testosterone is the lesser of the problems facing the males of our species.

The T-Man is an endangered species!

Basically, we're in big trouble.


Here's a good article as well:


My understanding is the "normal range" is reported as 350- 1200ng/dl. T levels are usually highest in males in their early twenties. I'm not aware of a study that will point to an exact average in males between 20-40.