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Average Joe


Anybody seen this piece of crap? I just watched the first ten minutes and it was pathetic! They must be actors and if they're not they gotta be the biggest bunch of pussies I've ever seen!


Nah, bro. That's average America for ya. Everyone doesn't have the heart or desire to be a T-man. I think the show is funny. :wink:


That show just cracks me up.

Two reasons I am not going to stop watching it:

a) She is hotter than hot

b) Watching grown 'men' cry repeatedly is sadly hilarious. I think I might make a drinking game out of it.


Stonedog: Thats a great idea!
1 drink for everytime a guy cries.

2 for every gay man-hug

Everyone cheers and drinks when the prick drills a pansy-boy in the face.




This had to be the easiest show to cast the guys for.




Hahaha I saw this show last night and it was hilarious.

I feel kind of bad for the guys on the show, they're in a no win situation. They're basically being poked fun at on the show and whoever wins is just going to be dumped by the chick as soon as she collects her appearence fee for the show.

If you ask me, the only actor on the show is the girl. She could probably have any guy she wanted, yet she acts like she is actually happy to spend time with those guys on the show.


I saw part of this show last night. There about 3 or 4 nerds left, and they brought in some good-looking guys now. So she has 3 uber-dorks and 3 GQ guys now. I think I'll watch it next week, cause this should be interesting.


You just know that even those there are now three 'lookers' competing now, that one of the Average Joes is going to win this show.

If he doesn't it undermines the whole premise and the take home message isn't very encouraging.


Gotta agere with Thunder. Remember, you're not seeing this anything remotely close to live. It was produced MONTHS ago (and there are many more waiting to be aired).


Actually, I know what happens in the end - and it ain't "pretty".

I caught some of this last night. IMO, those pretty boys are actually just as dorky looking as the so-called "average joes".

That third pretty boy contained one hell of a oil spill in his hair. Ewwwwww.


So, what happens in the end?

I mentioned this on a pervious reality show thread, but I was told by a casting agent, that these reality shows cast for actors and the final outcome is predetermined.


I predict she'll pick the better looking of the 3 uglies she has left. I would much rather her pick one of the new guys though, just because it would cause a lot of controversy.

As for the 3 "good-looking" guys, they could have done a lot better and made this into a real competition.


She's either going to take the tall jerk, or the dopy looking guy that she was in the air glider with.

It would be fun if she picked one of the 'lookers'. (btw, yes they could have done much better)


That women is beautiful!


I wanted the little dude that was going bald to win her heart!