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"Average Joe Strong" Strength Standards


It sounds like you’re talking about Planet Fitness where the point free weights are DBs and they’ll kick you out for droppinf weights or grunting.

They market the shit out of their “Judgement Free Zone” while serving pizza and bagels to their members. If you work hard then you’re too hard core for them. You’ll intimidate the fatties walking on the treadmill.

Home to some of the best - correct. It’s tough to determine the other part of your statement. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the US has the most professional athletes per capita. But that’s because we probably have more sports here.

I think smaller communities might be a better environment to develop elite athletes. I grew up in a small town and it was a big deal when we won the state championship in basketball. The whole town was excited. I can remember growing up and watching the basketball team almost win state. It definitely planted the seed and gave me a desire to achieve that. I think it was largely responsible for my team’s success.

I now live in a city that’s about 20% bigger than Iceland and it’s a different atmosphere. No one cares if one of the local schools is winning (we have at least 10 high schools in town). It doesn’t have a trickle down effect.

If you changed those State Champs to Olympic Champs then you have a buzz about things and people take notice. Little kids want to be like the local champ so they start training early and actually pursue it. That creates more elite athletes and the cycle continues.


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In that case, if someone just likes being exceptionally strong for the sake of it well of course he will train for strength, perhaps indefinitely.

Me personally, I just lift on a full body routine with four to six exercises per session for 6 to 15 reps, depending on the session and exercises for 45 to 60 minutes, three times per week. Nearly all my cardio is brisk walking, with an occasional jog here and there. I do almost no barbell exercises anymore. Nearly all exercises are cable, loaded-bodyweight (eg, dips) and dumbbell exercises. My quality of life and well-being will not suffer from not training for maximal strength, nor would it increase if I do. Actually, training with the specific aims of bodybuilding (real bodybuilding training) or strength would take up more time and energy that I don’t want to use for such activities and increase risk of injury. Maybe people disagree with me, but powerlifting and bodybuilding DONE RIGHT are inherently abusive to the body.

My current full body routine looks like this.

Everything is one in an upper-lower-body superset or circuit fashion with as much or little rest I need between sets.

Split squat
Dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift
Overhead standing dumbbell press
Incline fly
Ab rollouts with bar or ab wheel

Day 2
Goblet squat
Back extension
Dumbbell rows
Farmer’s walks

Day 3
Reverse lunges
Dumbbell press
Barbell hip thrusts
Cable rows
Palloff press

I will change exercises every six weeks. This is pretty much the guidelines for full body training we’ve seen by Charles Staley recently and Chad Waterbury many times.


In my case I might train for strength until my body says otherwise.

What’s your goal? Are you growing or just maintaining a decent level of health and physique?


Above all, health and decent body composition.


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