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Average Joe at Globo-Gym

Muscularity aside. Does anyone feel like they belong at Average Joe’s when in fact they are at Globo-Gym

It’s about the will and the drive, not the muscle you’ve already put on.

If you lift hard and lift well, then where you lift is irrelevant. Might as well go where you’re comfortable and where there’s good equipment.

Yeah I lift at a Globo-Gym. I’ve gotten to know some of the bigger guys but I still think the gym has a little bit of a trendy feel to it. They have every machine immaginable and butt loads of cardio equipment which is almost always being used. There are also tons of skinny guys walking around looking at their abs. It’s pretty typical for a Globo-Gym.

I’ve got a kid and my wife works, so I have to go to a gym that has childcare. This one is the best one out of the ones that have childcare.

I train at a Golds Gym, a big company…but it doesn’t have conglomerate feeling.

i definitely train at a Globo-Gym

i swear to god its a new set of staff every other week. kind of hilarious in a way. kind of sad in another.