Average Joe 2

Did anyone watch this? Is anyone else baffled as to why Gil was pissed that Larissa used to date Fabio? haha JEEZ

thats was by far the weirdest and funniest 5 minutes off tv i have ever watched…it felt like a snl skit…bm

My roommate and I were wondering the same thing. What the hell? Who cares if she used to date Fabio?

My roommate was extremely disappointed that the chick picked the good-looking guy, even though I told her that’s how it would end up. Always does.

Oh great. I’m watching it now. You putz’s. Time zones, eh?

So now I’m teasing the wife that I know how it ends.

Thanks Bro’s


Yeah, that was pretty weak. I’m glad she got dumped. The break up looked pretty fake actually. He stomped on the ground, jumped in the water then stormed off coldy. I’d bet that it was a staged breakup, which will leave them out of the upcoming tabloids.

Funny the next day they showed up on the today show holding hands…hmmm ole gildo must have been mushroom stamped back to reality by his buddies or something. It was pretty effed up. I think that whole show was staged.

Its so obvious to me that larissa and the jocks were hired actors, but I think the joe’s were oblivious…

I felt sorry for that Brian guy from Boston. Definately proves that women don’t want the nice guy they always say they want. They will always instinctively be more attracted to the “bad boy”. That’s why I’m always a prick. Gets me laid all the time.

That bitch picked the wrong dude. I was so pissed when brian got shut down…

And who cares about fabio?

dunno about any of you, but if a woman I was interested in told me something like that…hell, I’d kinda feel it’s a compliment to me…know what I mean?

the confidence of not being bothered by your girl having dated fabio is what makes the guys here t-men. i’ve dated some pro-athletes and twice when it’s come up with someone i’ve dated they’ve flipped out. ridiculous!

ps-but i will confess i was a little jealous when someone i was dating told me they had dated a playmate. never let it show though.

I’d be like “Hey, baby, it’s you, me, and a stick of ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’”

In response to him storming off Gill said, “Every guy in America can relate to what I’m going though”.

Lol He rocks!

She was a complete headcase from the begining and got exactly what she deserved.

Maybe he flipped out when he realized what cheesey taste she has.