Average is okay part 2

I know that his 400 metre hurdle world record is one of the most impressive in track and field…but he is starting to pick up a few injuries.
Maybe this is the reason for both?
Personally I see a few back issues in his future…

Easily one of the stupidest fucking things I’ve seen in my entire life!

It looks like he uses more power to push the rig down, than on the upward portion. The push created a bounce, which did all the heavy lifting on the way back up!!

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I guess I just don’t see the point. There are likely better alternatives for explosive power, starting with maybe holding the lower handles?

Agree, it looks dumb as hell but i also have 0 knowledge of track and field training methods.

Your first line nailed it… An ego trip in a bid to seek attention in a manner which has no relevance to his sport, or that of lifting. Might be time for a new smith machine, too.