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Average for a Beginner?

I believe I was blessed on leg genetics always felt I had had larger quads & calves than the rest of the kids in school & people I work with. Am I the only person born with an overly devoloped muscle group naturally than the rest of your physical body? I am getting back into physical training. I set up my squat rack in the spare bedroom of my house. Haven’t squatted in years. Wanted to start light to get my form right so went 135x30 could’ve continued… 185x20 then went 205x15 then 255x5 then 275x3 then finally I did 300x2 I know I could’ve did 3 or 4 but I was alone & just did 5 sets.

I then shoulder pressed 135x2, really just messing around I didn’t even know if I could get it but did with no assistance

Is this average for new lifters, I haven’t trained in at least 5 years. My profession is being a hard physical manual laborer working 12 hours a day 7 days a week. I’m natural my stats 6’00” 210lbs not a fat ass but probably 20%bf. Is this pretty good for a lifter starting out at the bottom? I plan to cut to 185-190lbs then bulk to 200+ all natural

Nobody cares how good or bad you are relative to other beginners. Just work hard and see where you land.


Yeah man I do get that… I was just wondering if that’s a good foundation? I guess it was just a silly question eh

My other question was did anyone else have an over devoloped muscle group that was already strong set before ever training.

If you had two heads, you wouldn’t be the first person with two heads. Muscle groups bigger than others, by comparison, is very common.

That will give you a better perspective on some things like effort or what it means to really push yourself, that some newer lifters aren’t accustomed to. Also, eating for the demands placed on your body so that it can recover.

Just don’t go full animal in the weight room or gym and end up tearing yourself up. Psychological you could be saying to yourself “I don’t feel like I’ve done much yet” when physically you’ve done plenty and probably should stop.

Which field?

Gas & oil pipeline construction.

Gas & oil pipeline construction

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I definitely agree with my ability to push harder that aspect of beginning training. I’m not a boss or in a position of leadership at work but I’m often the leader of the pack dominating the rest of the pack and if I’m not I’m usually one of the top guys in the group. Also in combination of working so many hours I’m going to eat more, going to change my diet removing all refined sugars and junk.

I wouldn’t go all crazy with that just yet. You need a lot of calories. Get lifting consistently for a few months and see where your energy level is at before making major changes.

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I mean, don’t make major changes, but removing all refined sugars and junk is not what I’d consider “going all crazy.”

But also this entire thread is just asking for a pat on the back. You’re strong. Decently big. Seems like you know what you’re doing and have a sense of what you need to do to in order get where you want to be. Keep at it.


Thank you man I appreciate the motivation. I just want to be healthier, be stronger and look good. I feel like I can reach 500lb dead & squat naturally if I train for it. I’m going to remove all sweets from my diet, only carbs will be like oatmeal, bananas, maybe some potato. Other than that no junk like cookies, pear juice and whatever sweet crap except. Lots of meats, fruit, oats, eggs & nuts.

I work a physically demanding job and am a similar size to you. I competed in amatuer combat sports. When I decided to start lifting the first time I maxed I went in and hit a 315 squat followed by a 405 deadlift. Hit a 500 lb deadlift in comp in about 4-5 nonths of training for it. I have zero issues with grip. It gives you an advantage out of the gate. But working 70+ hours a week I find it hard to train more than 3 days a week. My recovery is most definitely not what it should be. I find it hard to cut junk completely. So its not the advantage youd think in the long run. I went to my first pl meet a few days ago and got outlifted by I guy weighing like 150. Badly. And that was a local meet with just about 20 guys. So no you don’t get a Pat on the back. Even with a higher start point it will be harder in the long run.

you don’t have any over developed muscles. You have some muscles that are likely more developed than others. But a 315 squat for a few reps doesn’t exactly scream overdeveloped to me…

Squat depth would also be good to see. or a physique photo. or both, lol.

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Thats like you’re basing my potential based off of your genetics

My point is similar start point size and strength wise. Similar job and hours. There are certain things that go along with that. I’m telling you my experience with it. Also telling you What I found to be the pros and cons of this. You’re not a special snowflake. For example laborers will have similar traits when they start lifting. Examples being a grip and back stronger than the normal beginner. Just like if two desk jockeys Of similar size start lifting they Will likely have similar imbalances.

Dude what does the look of my physic totally have to do with it? I’ve seen people that don’t even look like they lift, lift some heavy weights. All I’ve really stated is I think my quadriceps are more developed than most average people I meet.

He was more or less calling you out bc he does not think you actually squatted that weight to depth. And that you have anything “overdeveloped”

I understand what you’re saying man there’s no doubt that could be an issue, it’s kind of hard to heal when you’re never really in a good pattern of rest mode. 2 years ago I totally quit sweets and ate nothing but almonds oat meal bananas & lean red meats no dairy. I worked my ass off Jackhammering a bridge & laboring cinderblocks all day all summer long for masons plus I was able to do like 30 deadhang pull-ups in a set. Tons of weight lost saw my 6 pack and I honestly felt great once I broke the addiction of sugar. Sugar is a monster that needs to be fed once your body is addicted. I felt like shit for a while but got my energy back felt better than ever and that’s exactly what I need to do now is stop feeding that shit in my body that makes you crave it once you go a few hours without it