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Average cycle...

How much on average do you spend on a cycle?

toooooooo much. maybe a grand. all depends on what I am using and what ancilliaries I get.

If I added it up I’d probably have to quit. But for an 8 weeker with all the ancillaries… less than $1,000.

I don’t even want to think about that.

I don’t want to think about it either. I’d say usually under $1000 COMPLETE (pins, ancillaries, etc.) I included Insulin and GH with this current cycle I’m on, so this one just cost me over $1500-$1800 for sure.

OMG mass, that is crazy. I was looking at starting one (maybe) and the cost was going to be 400 ish (canadian). I thought that was alot, i stand corrected. wow

WOW! That’s a heavy duty cycle for sure! Anyways, my most expensive one was running Dbol (100 thai tabs) 10ml of deca, 2 10 ml of test enthanate, the big vial of Winny V, and tons of Clomid for anti-estrogen and PCT.

I think that cost me around $750 or so. :frowning: The worst part was post-cycle I got food poisoning and lost about 18 lbs in 3 days…and then 1 week later I tore all the ligaments in my wrist! So I was back to my original size in about 2 months…:frowning:

Incidentally, for my upcoming cycle, I plan on running test, Tren, and winny-V for about 6 weeks or so. Nolva/Clomid for any gyno and PCT. I think that should be fairly low budget…maybe around $350 or so.

$450.00 sounds about right for me (6-8weeks)depending on cycle

i can run a heavy 10 week test/tren/dbol cycle for about $800-$900 total with hardware and ancillaries.

i just got my gear for an 8 weeker and it cost me around $430. i purchased nolvadex, clomid, tren, test eth, and dbol.

When I do get to a first cycle I’d probably spend max $250 for an 8 weeker. sust,primotest,nolvadex and clomid.

Latest cycle I am doing:
7500 mg of sust
3000mg of primo
2000mg masteron
1000mg dbol
150mg femara
my price: about $1035 cdn (maybe a little less we’ll see)

The one I just started,

4000mg Test
2000mg Deca
1000mg Dbol
1000mg Oxandrolone
60 50mg tabs of Clomid


I should have skipped the Oxandrolone and would have saved 200$, but I wanted to give it a try.

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