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Average Cost Of A Cycle


What is the average outlay for cycle?-I mean just the steroid & anti-E.


what's the average cost of a car? that question is way too vague, man...

seriously, it depends on what you get, the length of the cycle, and where you get it from. if you didn't realize it, AAS are illegal, and as such tend to get a markup from the prospective dealers..



Sorry. I have no reference for this. We could start whitteling it down to an order of magnitude.


Theo, i'd reccomend that you read the steroid NewB thread then ( http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=354419 ), which should help you a little, and we can go from there...


theo, you are to young to use steroids. but just in the case you still do remeber theo that they cause you to feel and somtimes think diferently. even they cause you to become emotional at times, so even thow your to young, and you still use them remember to have self control...hell i'm 32 years old and it is not easy to keep my cool when i am on them. it takes alot of meditation and self control.



I'm 42


how long have you been training for, and what are your stats??


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Age isn't important Theo, its maturity that counts!!! And self control!!!!

LOL just joking


Oh and in my experience, and judging by my own use and my friends use Id say for the average steroid use you are looking at between $400 - $1000 a cycle. Of course it all depends on what you use, and where you purchase.

Hell Im doing a cycle right now, with HCG anti-E, Test prop, and methyltest and its costing me about $25. Of course I am living in China right now so I woudlnt take that as an average.


you can get a great first cycle like QV's deca 300 and Reforvit 25mg dbol (which is an awesome combo for size and strength) for around $200.00 with shipping. and your PCT of clomid and HCG around $100.00 all from the same source. becareful when ordering overseeas though- i got burnt a couple of times.


sorry, i got how many post you had made confused with how old you were.