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Average BP is High & Hematocrit/Hemoglobin - Explanation of Symptoms?

Been on 140mg/week and 3 months ago my hematocrit and haemoglobin were fine, after 6 months on this dose my average BP has started to be Stage 1 / Stage 2 hypertension at times. This is just the past 10-14 days whatever it is.

I sleep 12-15 hours a day sometimes because it’s broken sleep. Biggest thing is my appetite is gone and my libido is 0. I can’t maintain an erection and porn doesn’t even excite me. I’ve been on daily cialis, even took a one time dose of 10mg, and it causes the opposite to happen, like my johnson shrinks and I just get super flushed and get the runs. BP hasn’t lowered. Cialis doesn’t even work, alone, or with a woman.

Maybe that’s due to poor sleep and lethargy. Wondering if this could explain these symptoms. I cut down on sugar a lot and drink a boatload of water / electrolytes. Thanks.


I would see a Dr. You BP justifies a visit (at least it would for me). Draining a bit of blood might help with your Hematocrit being above rage (high Hematocrit will raise BP). Your ED might be related to high BP.

I’m seeing a new PCP Feb 23rd so unfortunatley I have no one to message. I wanted to try a beta blocker like propanolol because I heard it can help that, and stage fright issues. Fun stuff.

Some guys on TRT will need BP control medicine. Something is causing the BP problems, it could be the protocol. It’s not uncommon to find protocols working out in the beginning and later as your body starts responding to TRT adjustments are needed.

Where do your testosterone and estradiol levels currently sit?

Man, you think your lethargy and broken dick are bad now, just add a 1,000 year old beta blocker and see what happens.

There are newer BP meds that won’t make everything you described get worse. Lisinpril is a way better choice.

I’ll reply with in depth when I’m home. Would love your take on some things. I think I have multiple endocrine neoplasia…or without a doubt sympathetic nervous system hyperactivity.

I’ve been pouring sweat since 5 years old. Hyperhidrosis my entire life. I’m 34. Never been laid because I’m so tired. I dropped out of high school and quit numerous jobs. I’m just exhausted even if I sleep 15 or 20 hours.

I went from a skinny track star to a Cushings looking hypothyroid looking patient.

Endo diagnosed me with idiopathic HypoHypo but didnt care about the cause.

I feel like I have adrenaline and cortisol in me 24/7 and all my bloods line up with that


Well, levels just came in partial on private labs. My endo doesn’t test anything besides TT/FT/SHBG, he stopped doing estradiol.

This was thyroid / estradiol (Jan2021) 3.5 days after 140mg injection. Friday ~ 10 am, took bloods Monday at 10 am. Waiting on testosterone.

I’ve just felt tired as shit and I have 0 libido. Maybe I’m just depressed and stressed.

Don’t keep looking for zebras. Fix this ASAP and see if you don’t improve immensely. If you don’t then it’s something else, but you’ll still have addressed a problem and that’s progress. Poor sleep will both literally and figuratively kill you.

Well I just got this back. I was having some serious psychosis a few months ago and asked for a catecholamines and metanephrines test with cortisol. Both came back normal or slightly above range.

I wonder if DHEA-S could describe my insane anxiety so much that I’m gagging and dry-heaving when I’m nervous