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Average BF you can lose in a week?

If you’re diet, training, and cardio are all on track, what is the average amount of body fat you can expect to lose in 1 week? I have read on average it is .5% a week. Is this true? I am talking about an average because I know people are different and some can lose faster or slower than others.

First of all, losing %body fat is going to be different from person to person. A person who weighs 300lbs and has 20% body fat has to lose a little over 3lbs of fat to get to 19% body fat whereas a person who weighs 150lbs and has 10% body fat only has to lose about 1.5lbs to drop to 9% body fat. Opinions vary, but about 2lbs per week of body fat is a very good rate of loss. Many can’t lose that quickly and others can lose faster, so the range is more like .5lbs to 4lbs depending on starting weight and body fat percentage.