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Average age

I was just wondering by reading some of the threads here, what is the average age of the posters and readers on this forum?

I am 23 yrs old training for 9 years (2yrs correctly, thank you t-mag.)

Everybody post their age! I’m 30.

42 and 1/2

36 years old and been lifting for 8 years


I’m 22.

At 37, I’m probably one of the more experienced (in life, not knowledge or training years). I mainly did endurance sports (running, triathlon, cycling) until my early thirties (32), then went to weight training for time efficiency and some altered goals.


I’m 25.


im 27


22 yrs


I am 22, but I turn 23 tomorrow. I have been training for 8 years. I was a power lifter until recently, and now I am getting pretty lean, and will be doing some bodybuilding starting in October.


I think I’m 5 years old, but I’m not sure…

I’ll be 23 on Fri. Been training since I was 17. Correctly for the past 2.5.

im 17… training since 9 years old