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Avena Sativa


I've heard a lot of different things about Avena Sativa, and I'm starting to put things together...

what I think I know:

A. Avena Sativa is oatseed, the best (most potent) form of the supp is taken from the milky seed, fresh, and comes as a liquid (tincture, about 40% grain alcohol).

B. Avena Sativa has an effect on the nervous system, freeing up the androgen receptors, and can work in conjunction with Tribulus to increase the level of free testosterone in men.

C. There are certain compounds WITHIN the extract that are more effecatious and more important for obtaining this effect than others.

What I don't know, and would like to know:

A. If anything I THOUGHT I knew is totally incorrect.

B. Which compounds are the most important?

C. What is typical as far as concentration in a quality supp?

D. How much should I be taking if I'm stacking with Alpha Male, and how much should I be taking if only taking the Avena with Carbolin 19?

E. Are there other compounds in the extract that can be detrimental to my goals? (other than the minute amount of alcohol, of course)

Thanks to any responders, I'm really curious on this one.



Damnit, I thought we were talking about a hot chick.


I too would like to know more about avena.


Look up TRIBEX. They use Avena Sativa that has been standardized for avenacosides a and b (or something like that, it's been a while since I read the label)


Yea, it used to be in the old TRIBEX formulations, but it was removed because it
1. didnt go well with the new nanotechnology.
2. wasn't as effective as the other herbs used in the mix(vitex/eurycoma) and was thus pushed out to make room for more effective substances.


There are many on different message boards (and I mean many) who feel that avena is much more effective, at least in their experience, then either tribulus or eurycoma. As a matter of fact, some who tried Alpha Male after having used previous versions of TRIBEX (which had avena in it) said they didn't notice the same libido kick from Alpha Male that they used to get from TRIBEX. I still don't know why Biotest doesn't figure out a way to throw it back in the mix.


Dammit, the new TRIBEX has Eurycoma longifolia, guess I won't be taking that anymore. How is it any different from Alpha Male?

Maybe I can find some of the old formula somewhere.



The new TRIBEX uses the rapid release technology like Spike does, and Alpha Male uses nano. Thats pretty much the only difference, aside from exact dosages.

Avena isnt all that, there are better compounds out there.


Well, the reason I mentioned it, is that a friend of mine had taken the new Alpha Male, and while he said his TOTAL T increased, he didn't see as much of an increase in his FREE T as he did before when he was taking the old TRIBEX with Avena. It's his theory that it's the Avena is what frees the androgen receptors in the nervous system.

...that's why I figgured, hell, why not stack the new Alpha Male and the Avena?


I can't take Eurycoma longifolia, at least I can't take the full dose, it keeps me from sleeping well. I liked the old TRIBEX 'cuz I could take it every day at any dose and it worked and didn't mess up my sleep.

Now both products are useless to me.


They can only suff so much in one pill. The more of one thing, you'll get less than another. My best guess is that they figured Vitex and Eurycoma where better additions than avena, and Im gonna take their word over it versus sketchy opinions on other message boards.



With all due respect (and you're a great band, by the way), most who've used the older version of TRIBEX and compared it to A.M., as well as many on other boards (and who I've met in real life) have a pretty overWHELMINGly strong feeling that avena is THE shit as far as herbal t-boosters goes, weather you're talking about Biotest products or others.

It's just undeniable that a large contingent (who may not make it too known on this message board) really, REALLY miss the avena that used to be included in TRIBEX. Maybe it's just that a larger percentage of people respond to avena than to trib or eurycoma (?), maybe it's just more powerful then either . . . I don't know. But I'm not making it up, trust me. :slightly_smiling:


I liked the Avena Sativa TRIBEX. For some weird reason my soldier got a darker tan from it.


I tried AM and avena sativa. I cant say what happened to my test levels but there was a big difference in my sex drive when I took avena sativa. I think Im just one of those people that dont respond well to trib. I would like to see Biotest make an AS product because I would by here to support the site. I have stopped using T boosters cause of this.


I didn't say anything about sketchy advice from other message boards. A good friend of mine (read: not an "online buddy") had BLOOD TESTS DONE. The results said basically that Old TRIBEX with Avena increased free T more than Alpha Male.

...I realize they can only cram so much into a pill, that's why I'm taking Avena in ADDITION to Alpha Male (er, that is, when my sups arrive).


Boy, are you drinking the Biotest Kool-Aid or what. IMO, Biotest has completely messed up the original TRIBEX 500 formula. The very original TRIBEX 500 formula contained Tribulus Terrestis, Avena Sativa, Ipriflavone, and Saw Palmetto. Although you can argue that Saw Palmetto may not have been best idea, you cannot argue with how effective the original formula was.

I cannot believe that they have now removed the Avena Sativa. TRIBEX is now Tribulus Terrestis, Vitex, and Eurocoma. TRIBEX is now a completely different product that the original formula. I wish they would change the name to avoid confusion. "The original blue pill." Give me a break. The original TRIBEX 500 capsules were not even blue.

None of the later formulations have been as effective as the original. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL FORMULA, PLEASE.


Maybe we can start a petition . . . .



I'm sure there are a small number of people who prefer the original TRIBEX over the current version. This is actually the case with all products that are updated.

People have a certain nostalgia for the original and some may have gotten better results, perceived or actual, while using the original.

In some cases this may be due to the individual's unique biology. In other cases their results while using the original may have been greater as a result of other factors. Maybe they were at a point in their training where they happened to respond particularly well, maybe they were primed for higher sex drive. Could be any of many factors involved.

Whatever the issue, I can definitely state that the vast majority of people I know who have used TRIBEX definitely prefer the current version.


I hate to say it, and I'm not trying to be a wise-ass, but the vast majority of people you know are definitely in the minority. :wink: Look around on the 'net. Check out other sites and message boards. (Not just one -- check out several). You'll quickly see what the overwhelming feeling is (which is that the old version rocked relative to the newer versions). Again, I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass, but there is a pretty common feeling among the general supplement-using community, it seems.


It's not nostalgia on my part, whether it is Alpha Male or any other supplement company's eurycoma longifolia if I take anywhere near the recommended amount I will begin having nights of less and less sleep of increasingly worse quality.

That makes the original which worked very well for me much better than the current version.