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Avena Sativa

Hey all, I’m very interested in the herb Avena Sativa. Searching the net reveals that it’s found in oats? So I just have to eat my oatmeal to get this, right? Does anyone know if it’s effective as an anti-estrogen?


  • Jagin

I really don’t think you will get enough of the active ingredient in oatmeal. I would just by it in capsule form. As far as an anti-estro, i don’t really know but it does help with natural test levels.

Wrong. Avena sativa comes from the straw of green oats, not the kernal of ripe oat it’s self. There’s no avena sativa in your oatmeal unless your oatmeal includes the straw (stem) of the unripe plant.

Wanted to add, it’s effect is on SHBG, allowing more free, unbound T.