Avena Sativa and Vitex Work!

Hey All,
First of all, about me. I’m on testosterone replacement, 100 mg./week for a few years. Second I’m rather obese, so I have estrogen problems. I’ve tried up to 140 mg of test. a week, and felt terrible from the estrogen sides.

Now to the good stuff. About a week ago, I started taking 8 vitex and 8 avena sative capsules a day, split up into 4 of each twice a day. The avena extract is 750 mg. of 10 to 1 concentrate for each capsule. The vitex extract is 225 mg. standardized to 0.5% agnusides for each capsule.
at first I was taking 400 mg. capsules of vitex fruit, but I think the extract is better.

The results are great. I’m now getting the occasional morning wood. I feel better mentally. Jacking off is better. But here’s the best objective proof. I haven’t been working out for months. I’ve just been laying about, pretty much being a bum. I have a 4 inch diameter slosh pipe, 10 feet long, in my back yard. Usually after a long layoff, I can barely get 10 reps the first time I overhead press the slosh pipe. I just worked out with it, and did 2 sets of twenty each set. I could have even done maybe 5 more on my first set.

I’m sold on these herbs. I started taking these based on periodic mention of them on this site, and then researching them a little on the net. The article that I read also said that stinging nettle is good for tesosterone, or sbgh binding, or something like that, so I’m going to add that next.

That’s my experience. Any other herbs I should try?