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In four days Avatar sold 6.7 million copies. That is redonkulous. I for one think that this movie is FernGully The Last Rainforest with better graphics. I would have to recommended seeing it in the theater but to own this movie seems a bit much. I could never justify spending three hours of my time watching this movie for a second time, but I guess I'm the odd one out with numbers like that.


The graphics and watching the whole forest in Pandora was very cool. I'm not calling it a bad movie but man, the dialogue was cheap, the characters were not developed at all.

If you Google the original treatment for Avatar, the one James Cameron wrote back in the 90's, it had so much emotion behind it and if I remember correctly, Earth was going to shit and you could get a real sense of the desperation behind the whole Pandora operation.

I will never watch Avatar again simply because once if you've seen even the first hour, you've seen it all.

I do like the concepts James Cameron uses with the whole connective energy and the best line if that movie to me was when the chick tells the dude that the universe only seeks the balance of life, it does not interfere.


I don't know but is it weird that I'm strangely aroused by the blue female avatar?? Worth buying to add to the collection of odd yet entertaining fapping material.


I'm right there with ya. I thought I was the only one. But overall, I liked the movie.


Never understood why people are so crazy about the movie.

It's not all that different from the crap running on the local b-movie channel... Just longer.

Okay, the CGI stuff is nice, but if you've played any of the high-end shooters from the last, oh, 4 years or so those effects probably won't make you go "wow" anymore either...

Not a bad movie at all, but call me crazy if you want... I found it uninspired and at times fairly embarassing (the natives in particular...).

That's just me, though.

Actually, where is the difference between this movie and Star Wars 1-3 ?

Same issues for the most part, same CGI-heavy graphic style, similarly uninspired plots, pacing, for the most part boring characters...

It's something I'd watch on TV when bored on a saturday night or something.


Thread title is clever. I have no idea why they're releasing this for home viewing. They should just re-release it on IMAX 3-D every 3 or so years. That way the viewer gets more out of it and the studio makes more dough. Watching Avatar at home is like putting white walls on a garbage truck. It doesn't make sense.


I think re-watching it on a TV would ruin the initial experience. Regardless of how rich you are (and even if you buy a 3d tv) your tv sucks balls compared to seeing it in the theatre with 3d glasses.


It was a bit awkward when towards the end of the movie the blue avatar is bending over because I think my girlfriend could sense I was checking her out and she kinda turned and looked at me, then shook her head. My response: What?!? She's an alien thats gross, I mean don't get me wrong if I was an alien I'd smash, but I'm not so thats gross...

Phewww.... Really dodged that bullet.


Says a lot about the movie if watching it on anything less than inside a goddamn IMAX makes it lose it's appeal, huh :slight_smile:


The problem with that is it's harder to define who the good guys and bad guys are. This movie was made for the sole purpose of making the absolute most money possible (which I don't fault at all), and big time money making movies have clearly defined good guys and bad guys. They can deal with the minority of people being unfullfilled with the story as long as the majority, who just wants to see bright lights and pretty scenery, are entertained.


That was kinda the point, haha. Anyone who says they enjoyed the movie for the story is fucking lying. It's not that the story was bad, it was just something we've all seen/read/heard a thousand times before. Watching it at home would ruin what made the movie memorable.


Makes sense... But I'm still surprised as hell that it got so much attention and shoveled in so much money... It really doesn't seem all that special to me in any way...

Guess I'm getting old.


The attention is from a few factors:

  1. It didn't come out during the typical blockbuster movie season, releasing in December instead of May-August. There was no real competition for a couple months.

  2. It's been over 10 years since James Cameron directed the Oscar winning "Titanic". All that time between projects, along with Cameron's past movies (Terminator, Aliens, etc), had people eager to see what was coming next.

  3. Cameron and the studio marketing people used the environmental, tree hugging, go-green movement for all it was worth. This not only created positive buzz among more liberal people, but enormous backlash from more conservative people for the supposed demonizing of the american military. Bad publicity is still publicity and many people saw this film multiple times just to piss off people who hated it. And Cameron reaped the rewards. Pure genius.


Its all good promotion and hype. And names like Segorney and Cameron and you have "street cred". You all bought it and seen in the theater. That is all. Get a bunch of people to say something is good and lots of people will buy into it. That was this marketing campaign.


The whole romance part of the movie made me want to puke in my mouth. Just your typical predicatble movie, good guys win over "bad guys".

I was rooting for the humans throughout the movie, that general there was a real crazy mofo.


i was up at my grandparents house this weekend and they had bought the movie. I was bored one night and watched it while falling asleep on the couch and on a good HD tv it wasn't that far off from the theater. I thought it would blow not being in 3D but I think the fact that it had been so long since seeing it in the theaters that I didn't notice the difference that much. It was still a pretty good movie. I'm glad it didn't win Best Picture though.



Yeah dude. If I'd watched it only I totally would've cranked one (or two or three) out during the movie. Instead I just smashed the old lady right there on the couch lol


I started to laugh out loud when they started to bang


Haha I was rooting for the general too. That dude was badass.


Would smash just to experience the blue, slimy, she-jizz.