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Avatar: The Last Airbender Midnight Showing


I was gonna wait and see this with my nephews...but why 2 hours and spend time with family. I'll just buy them BB guns or something.

Anyway, I'm seeing the REAL Avatar tonight. And in 3D!! 3 Fucking D!

In yo face, Prof. X and Big Boss!


Mods, can you fix the title for me. I got a little excited. My bad.


I approve of your movie choice Wol

Now, which do you think is more appropriate for getting back at my gf for coercing me to see that Twilight bullshit - This movie (Last Airbender) or Predators? C'mon Mr. Movie ... help a brutha out!




If you want to make her suffer, take her to Predators. Its gonna have blood, guts, killing, Testosterone, Swear words, and only one chick in the movie that you have to ignore.

If you want to be the good BF, use it for Avatar. Its a story she can enjoy, it has children, beautiful special effects, and she'll probably won't be creeped out.

But regardless of what movie you pick, it means nothing if you don't Stick It In Her Pooper.


I've read a few review of the movie.. (Avatar).. And it isn't exactly looking bright. I hope they're wrrong though..


hahahahaha OK just gave a review of AVATAR and not The last Airbender damn.

The reviews are pissing me off because they mostly have lines like M.Night is an idiot or he sucks. Now I'm going to stop looking at the reviews. But if he jacked this movie. I'm hoping he is fired from the next 2.




I did not read it. But like a dumb ass I did open it. If you all read about M.Night being punched in the face. Know now that it was indeed done by 460.


I'll give my review after I get a nap.

This should have been done like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I still enjoyed it though.


I saw it. It was Okay.


They can still save the trilogy. No M. Night for the next two movies


Ok, WolBarret's review of Last Air Bender:

If you're an avid fan of the show and expect the movie to be exactly like the show, you will be disappointed. Two Eskimo people: Sakka and other chick, don't really look like their characters. The acting by the children isn't really that great. The kid who plays the Airbender looks like Ang, but he's not nearly as playful as cheerful.

The biggest problem: They skip through a lot of important events for the movie's sake. What may have taken 2 or 3 episodes in the show, they pushed through that with a 20 second montage in the movie. The Avatar series needs to be done like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

The movie got better as it went along and I really liked the fight scenes.

-Fight scenes
-Overall look of the movie
-Acting isn't that terrible

-Glossing over of major events
-Changing of storyline that will bother fans of the show
-Middle eastern/brown folks = bad. Pale white folks = Good

Grade: C plus

For Avatar fans: D minus


To much narration was done. Instead of letting each character tell there story the poor girl was telling everyones story. Bad direction. The actors never had a chance.


That too. The series has amazing potential. I feel this could have been the next Star Wars or Harry Potter....but not gay.


^hahah I'm with you on that. And to be honest I will see all those movies and if they make the rest of the airbender movies I'll still pay to see them. It's the geek in me.




This was the worst movie I've ever seen and was so disappointed on so many levels.

Well beside the TERRIBLE acting from pretty much everybody, poor casting and race decision (i didn't think i'de hate it that but much but it was terrible). The story line was terribly rushed and painful to watch. There was practically no bending (firebenders couldn't even create fire only control it) and the bending they actually did was from like a full minute of dancing around. Not to mention there was nobody actually killed, which is like it is in the show to a degree but when you have the entire fire nation infiltrate the water tribe and there's an epic battle for like 20 minutes where nobody is injured it just seems weird. Not to mention when Aang went into the avatar state instead of turning into a giant sick water monster and wtf pwning everybody in sight he just creates a giant water wall... Then the fire nation retreats and he drops the wall (not even on the ships). Needless to say it was absolutly terrible and M Night should be shot

And they kept pronouncing Aang Ohng....


The Expendables.


I'm conflicted. After Signs I vowed to never watch another M. Night Shammalammadingdong film, but the reviews are making me think I'd enjoy Airbender, for all the wrong reasons.

I do feel bad though for people who have followed the series and had expectations.