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Avatar: Legend of Korra


New Avatar miniseries: Rejoice!

I especially liked this part:
"The show is expected to be darker and more mature than the original show; however, the creators are not attempting to target a new audience, intending to balance mature themes with a sense of fun and adventure."


I am still waiting to see how the whole crime fighting part plays out, but I am extremely hopeful.

firebending for the fucking win.


Industrial Revolution vs Avatar = Awesome.

Finally a release date. November 2011.


Super fucking excited for this. I'm part way through Season 3 of my second watching of the whole series and am still loving it. Such awesome story arcs, character development, and attention to detail.

Toph and metal bending FTW


Good to see. The kid in me always enjoyed the show. I thought it was well written. The movie....well thats another story


The movie should never have been made. It would have failed despite its horrid writing, acting, casting, and cinematography. Taking out the cheesy, charming stuff from the cartoon simply leaves a rather joyless husk that was the movie. However, that shit does NOT translate well from animated space into real life without being embarrassingly painful to watch.


And on that note, let this thread not become about the movie.

cause seriously....screw that movie.

To the guy who talked about character arcs and getting through season 3, just wait till zuko comes full circle.



When she learned to do that, she went from being tied for top fav, to def being my favorite character....


Agreed. But one more thing about the movie discussion. I hope eventually a well respected and talented director( along the lines of James Cameron or Christopher Nolan) would find interest into the show to make a movie. I just believe if done correctly, it could be a spectacular film. But I highly doubt anyone will touch it. Hopefully Im wrong.


I'm on episode 4, season I of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Awesome. It's hard to get through the work day with it available in the other room ...

Excellent characters and story arcs. Even my wife, who usually dismisses the cartoons that I watch, was enjoying these.


Seems appropriate.

You have got some catching up to do my friend.


Who was she tied with?

Iroh's probably my next favourite character...especially when he secretly gets jacked and breaks out of prison.

I like all of the characters though. That show just fires on all cylinders for me.


i know nothing of the cartoon, but thought the movie was decent. That white hair chick might have been hot.


FUCK YAAAAAAAA, I love this show more then my 9 year old bro lol


Get out.... Get out of this thread right now & don't come back until you have watched the entire series.





I hope they explain what happens to Zuko's mom...I was freakin pissed for like a week after that cliff hanger.

Zuko and the combustible man were the best characters by the way.


Combustion Man? I personally thought he was one of the worst. I liked his design and how powerful he was, but he seemed out of place.


Only because of how Saka and Aang tried to name him and I donno he was just funny to me.