Avatar II Trailer

Oh yes. Indeed. I cant wait.

I didn’t laugh until I saw Free Willy.

lol, I burst out laughing at his weak “noooooooo!” (Luke I am your father bit).

That’s just…not funny. At all.

I mean, it’s funnier than pancreatic cancer…but not by much.

Who the hell took the time to make that?

What was funny about that?

i laughed at harry potter

I would watch it over the original Avatar.


^ Almost missed the Jerry macguire reference, thx for pointing it out :slight_smile:

[quote]Professor X wrote:
I didn’t laugh until I saw Free Willy.[/quote]

Haha, that’s the part that got me too.

That video goes along with “Schindler’s List” and “Meet the Spartans” for its ability to create a winter of bleak despondency in my now blighted soul.

“Hey! We referenced shit from other movies in a completely disjointed way!” No. Try much harder!