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Avatar For ProteinPowda


OK- in all good fun, I think PP needs an avatar and the members of T-Nation should vote on it.
Let the debate begin.

(no offense buddy)


the vege-loving Powda


Personally, I think you should leave the kid alone.


not looking to pick on him, I just think he needs an avatar so it's easy to find all his posts of wisdom.


No offense ZEB, but i think powda can fend for himself.

I personally like the avatar feature, but if someone doesn't want one, their choice.

Just wondering where some people have found their's


what the hell for? He's like a vegetarian vroom.


Was anyone else surprised that this thread was not started by Powda?

I'm sure Joe Weider is photoshopping a Foopa picture as we speak :slight_smile:



Heres one you'll find easily


Mine used to be the UConn Husky (law school grad and long-time CT resident). I just changed mine yesterday to a pic of myself to mix things up.



Zeb, I think you are coming from a good place with that, but I disagree. PP loves attention and has made himself a target, which it seems that he loves. C'mon how ridiculous can one get?

Like the majority of us give a rat's ass that he ate a donut. He goes overboard and like a mentally unbalanced narcissist he craves any kind of attention he can milk from people. Right now he is loving that another thread has been devoted to him.


Jesus... It took be awhile to realize there was writing under that.


put vroom's head on profx's body and PP'll have himself an avatar.


yeah, kinda hypnotizes you.


sorry to burst your bubble, Doc.
I just can't wait for him to be gone for the summer.
I want to do nothing to further encourage him.


That's you?
Shit, and here I thought you'd been to DorianYates.net too...


I tried posting an avator once of a ball-and-stick figure of a testosterone molecule; it didn't work though.


Get ready for this... it will shock the hell out of you!

Zeb, I agree with you.


Clearly, if you had taken away the balls it would have fit you better.


your test molecules don't work right?
Now there's a fucking shock.