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Avatar Confusion


Have i been on this site way way way to long to have noticed that sen-say and fawkes look like they have the same avatar. If i'am wrong i apologize but it just hit me in the face, can anyone help me with this


Well, my guy was reading the SAMA forum, and he noticed our bedroom in sen say's avatar. I had some splainin to do.


Hey handsome...I thought we already talked about this!!!

That's actually October Girl! :wink:


For the record, I'm NOT the one in my avatar.

NOT the one in my avatar.

Not. NOT the one in my avatar.

Stop sending me PM's.


Yes i had all ready written it before i was told......


It sure looks like you


Seriously? Hahahahaha, that's awesome. I guess I could see where the confusion comes from, due to your nonsensical text handle, but that's still hilarious.

I'd love to see some of those PM's.

I totally need to change my avatar picture to a hot chick, I could use the ego boost of random internet men mistakenly throwing themselves at me.


Fawkes stole my pic. I've been forced to use a pic of She Say's butt instead of my hawt abz.


Fixed it.


On behalf of every female on T-Nation, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR AVATAR!! Youre pretty and we like looking at you!!!



Wow, "pretty" is not an adjective I have applied to me very often, but whatever, I'll take it, and thank you.

Granted, my avatar picture is 7 years old now. I'm a haggard old 25 year old at this point.


Take it, because on this sight that is a mighty compliment!!!!


Age is but a number baby. Now, if you'd like to take updated pictures, send them to me for approval, I'll be more than happy to pick out juuuust the perfect pic for your avatar!! ;->


Look here "old man", youre lookin' mighty fine over in the TILF thread too, ya know!!! :smiley:


If that is in reference to me i will take it any way i can get it
Maybe i should pull a rockscar


I have seen you and "haggard" is not the term that came to my mind............


Yes Print, that comment was geared towards you.

Holy cow...if you pull a Rockscar I will forever be in lust with you!!! You iz SMOKIN'!


Why thank you firebug (assuming you're complimenting me, and not insinuating that a term actually WORSE than "haggard" comes to mind...).

Look at that rrjc, 2 female ego-boosts, free of charge. Maybe I don't have to whore myself out to the male populous with a seductive female avatar after all...


Nope definetly not worse than........... :stuck_out_tongue: If I were just a few years younger.......ok maybe more than a few :frowning:


Oh girl...I think we could put a hurtin' on this young man!!! :slight_smile:

I say we shoot the raccoon, dump Renton and Football, and take Bauer all for ourselves!!! Wachya think Firebug? You game girly?

Okay, so when we are finished with him we can go back to Renton and Football...cant leave my boys behind, ya know!! :slight_smile: