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Available stock of Mag-10

No offense to meant to T-mag, but I just found out that some internet companies still have Mag-10 stock left. I couldn’t partake in the T-mag special edition, as I didn’t have enough money. However, for those of you like me who love the stuff, get it while you still can. I’ve seen prices as low as 47.95 for the capsules and 45.99 for the liquid so they can get rid of it. Sorry T-mag, but a guy’s got to get his Mag-10 somehow. Its a bloody shame you can’t make more exclusively for us T-mag readers. Thanks again to all the illiterate assholes who can’t read the proper dosing and try to accuse illness and death on the supplements, instead of laziness and stupidity.

Yeah, same here. I had to purchase some Mag-10 on other online store. I paid 47.95 each. Got me two bottles. I gotta stock up. So when will this ban going to pass?

I’m with you guys, we have to get this stuff while we still can. I am on day 7 of my first bottle and I will probably buy 2 more this week if I have the money.