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Available Carbs

I’ve seen a bunch of food supplements lately (mostly protein bars) that are advertised to have a low amount of “Available Carbs” while the total carbs number on the Nutrition Facts label is significantly higher. What is the story behind “Available Carbs” and should we be believing that number or the total carbs number on the Nutrition Facts label? Thanks for any info you can provide.

They probably mean that the rest of the carbs are fibre, which just goes straight through. The labelling on most protein bars is wrong anyway, and the quality of the protein is usually quite poor. Try to stick with real food.

I believe this is a dubious distinction between substances that are considered carbohydrates but do not provide calories in the same way as most. I think this relates to glycerine and “sugar alcohols”.

The best thing to do is to stay away from the candy bars and focus on quality food sources, quality protein supplementation, and PWO nutrition.

While I’m sure there is a company out there that makes a quality meal replacement bar, its not one of the big companies, and its not something you will find in a grocery store.

glycerol. it’s actually a sugar-alcohol that provides energy (Kcal) but has a minimal effect on blood sugar and glucose, so that doesn’t really “Net Impact” carb.

search berardi’s AFC about that issue, for mor information.