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Autoregulation - DB Hammer Quote

Thanks, CT, for telling people to learn and listen to their bodies to achieve progress and avoid running themselves into the ground. Here is a great quote.

“It is very important that you don’t fall into the trap of accepting traditional numbers in terms of appropriate volume. I always cringe when I hear that Major League Baseball has decidedly set a pitch count at about 100-120 pitches. It’s not to say that this value is too much for all athletes. It’s just the ones who can’t handle it that end up getting their arm repaired by the latest in sports surgery. If they would just adopt autoregulatory principles then the rate of arm injury would drop in that sport from 70% to nil in less than a single season! I hear the same ignorance in all sports. Bodybuilders train off of a program that some guy does because his ‘idol man’ gets good results from it. Sprinters follow the workout regimen of someone else - including some random study - most likely because they have little else to go off of besides feel. You need to set up your own training program based on your neurodynamic needs, not someone else’s, and perform the correct amount of work based on your ability, not based on the merit of some newsstand magazine… After all, did you really think that 5x5 reps was best for everybody? I mean, seriously, do you think that these nice, round integers are really all that accurate? I’m here to tell you that they never were and never will be. You can guess all the time, but you will, at best, only be right a fraction of the time - if at all. However, if you use autoregulatory training as your cheat sheet then you can’t miss - all the answers are right there in front of you.”

-Dietrich Buchenholz

This is a great quote.

I am quite new to CT’s coaching on this forum. I have been working on the autoregulation and focusing on the “perfect” rep that he has been discussing. I have seen dramatic advances, but there have been days where I could not perform at the previous level too. CT says to expect this, but the good news is that I am avoiding injury and my overall performance is improving!

Sixty and still growing!