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Automotive Tech Advice needed

I am thinking about becoming a auto tech major, and I would like to hear anyones advice who has experience good or bad for someone new like myself.

erm, not too certain what you mean by auto tech “major” but I’ll assume you mean an auto mechanic?
I myself am looking into trades training at the moment, but being in Canada I’m unfamilier with how training works in the states. One thing I have heard is that for some trades (re: electrical, piping), the US does not have an apprenticeship program, bad for them, good for me :slight_smile:
Canda has an excellent apprenticeship program, so much so that journeymen from this system are in demand elsewhere in the world.
First off I would find out about the training system in your state, how long, costs involved, etc. Then I would research info on the Candadian system (specifically whether or not you can train up here on a visa or something) and then compare the pros/cons of each system. Up here the gov’t is just starting to realize the huge shortage of skilled tradesmen it will encounter in the next 10-15 years (lots retiring) and is taking steps to advertise it. Some good stuff: As a well-trained tradesperson (once you’ve reached journeyman status) you’ll make great money :slight_smile: Figures that I’ve heard are Canadian pipers working in oregan making 85k US per year, some work oil fields in Alberta at 85k (Can) per year. Low end of income here would be 60k per year, highest I’ve heard was 120k per year (unionized port electrican). If this is what your looking into by all means go for it :slight_smile:
I’m just getting the ball rolling on my apprenticeship after getting bored in college, and I look forward to being able to afford all the elitefts training gear :slight_smile:

Hope this helped some