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Autoimmune, Fertility and Possible Hormone Issues, Help With Labs Needed Please


@KSman I would very much appreciate you taking a look at my latest bloods…

Okay been just over 5 weeks on the new 297.5mg/week protocol. I originally started with the standard 100mg/week but my levels dropped after 5 weeks, so looked like I was a hyper mataboliser. I followed KSmans advice and increased my weekly dose consideribly to see if my levels would increase…

8th May did a quick E2 test to check levels and it was at 105 pmol/L with was not horrid, but wanted to lower to 80 pmol/L, so started Arimidex at 0.25mg EOD.


So got my GP to run bloods yesterday and results are in -

Serum Testosterone: >52 nmol/L (Ref = 9.0 - 31.00)
Serum Oestradiol: 100 pmol/L (Ref = 28 - 156)
SHBG: 20 nmol/L (Ref = 16 - 56)

  • I used the online Free Test calculator as seen in screenshot.


Been feeling really crap for months now. I suspect there are many reasons for feeling so awful. Thyroid struggling, low cortisol, immune system struggling, etc etc… The last 5-8 weeks of so I’ve been totally wiped out. Wake up after 8-10 hours sleep, go downstairs and feel I need to go lie on the sofa and rest as I have no energy. Takes me hours to get going in the mornings. Then by the time 3pm comes around I’m totally knackered.

So would very much appreciate some feedback/advice on my latest results becuase I defo need to do something to address how I’m feeling.

Thanks in advance guys.


Edit: Forgot to mention, I’ve been in Sustanon for the last 5 weeks as that’s all I could get from the private doc. I’m honestly not sure if Sustanon is the best option for a possible hyper mataboliser. Would a shorter ester T not be best?

Edit: Just received more bloods…


Would really appreciate some feedback on the above blood results and my personal situation. I’m relying on my own research to get my medication dialled in because I honestly don’t think docs here are capable of getting this sorted…

So for the time being I’ve lowered my test dose to 170mg a week from 297.5mg and will be sticking with the same HCG and Arimidex dose. Switching to EOD injections. Anyone think this is a good plan of action or not?


EOD is recommended with an SHBG in the 20’s especially for someone who hyper metabolizes.


I was doing daily for the last five weeks or so…

Do you think my drop in dose is sensible considering the high test results?


Totally understand that there are a lot of open threads in this forum and it must take a lot of time answering everyone’s questions, but if some of the TRT vets could answer these questions I would be good to go with my protocol. I don’t have a competent doctor to help and don’t actually think there are any here in the UK, so I’m going with the advice on this forum and doing other research online…

  1. Is my new protocol a good move or not? * Lowering from 300mg to 170mg Test / week and sticking with 250iu HCG and 0.25 Arimidex. All meds are now being taken on the same day. (EOD)
  2. I’m using Sustanon becuase it’s whats available and cheap here in the UK. * Any disadvantage using Sustanon being a hyper mataboliser?
  3. Would it be a bad idea to reduce or stop Arimidex seeing that even with 300mg of Test a week and the HCG my E2 was not really high. The test is non sensitive UK E2 test so it may well be lower than the 100 pmol/L that came back.
  4. From reading the stickies I understand that if people have issues with adrenals and also thyroid, that TRT can put even more stress in the adrenals and thyroid. My body temperatures are still low and all my past am cortisol tests came back below range. And with my daily fatigue symptoms was wondering ifo should be doing something to address cortisol and thyroid issues? What would be the best way to dot that? Low dose hydrocortisone meds/supplements?

Thanks in advance guys. As always really appreciate the help and advice on this forum. Don’t know where I would be without it!


Given the reduced T dose, maybe not a bad idea. E2 may stay where it is w/o an AI. As you can see, that test might be accurate, especially if you are not experiencing any low E2 symptoms.



Thanks for the reply and advice. Couldn’t see the detail in your test results unfortunately. One was the E2 sensitive test and I’m assuming the other was regular non sensive E2 test. I am honestly not sure which testing method Medichecks use nowadays as they have three Oestradiol tests available. (Oestradiol Blood, Oestradiol Stimulated & Oestradiol by RIA) The E2 Test included with all the TRT male hormone testing kits seems to be the Oestradiol Blood, which is the cheapest Oestradiol test on Medichecks. You would have thought the test would be reasonably accurate as it’s used in all their TRT tests.

It’s early days but I’m defo having low E2 sides. Painful cracking joints and frequent urination. When my E2 was higher I held onto water and peed way less.


Both IA and LC/MS/MS were obtained, 28 and 27 results.

However, since you are having low E2 symptoms, and you are reducing your testosterone dose, E2 aromatization will decrease and E2 will drop. I would discontinue the Arimidex.


Yes that makes sense. Will stop the Ai and see how I feel. Then do some more bloods in a few weeks to see where I’m at…

Not sure if it’s a coincidence but since switching to EOD injections I notice I am feeling better on injection day. The non injection days I feel pretty crap, Fatigue etc.


@KSman Would really appreciate it if you could take a quick look here to make sure I’m on the right track?


KSman is Here

@physioLojik Just wanted to tag you on my case post to get your feedback. Been reading a bunch of your posts and really got a lot out of them. I would very much value your opinion on my situation. I’m struggling at the moment if I’m honest and could really do with some guidance. That’s if you have time to take a look (:
My other thread is here if you wouldn’t mind taking a quick look at that one too… Low Free Cortisol, High Transcortin (CBG), Low T & Thyroid Connection?


Bump… Would appreciate some feedback if anyone has time :wink:


Go to link below and link to this thread, ask for KSmans help. He is a busy dude and can lose track of all these threads.


Okay will give that a go. Thanks for the tip!