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Auto Insurance Questions...


I'm sure there are people who work for auto insurance companies on these forums or people who know a lot more than I do, so why not post here?

My situation is I'm going off to school next week and not taking my car. Public transportation at school is excellent and walking is faster than riding in a car at times. So I was debating taking my car off the road for a few months at a time(so I have no insurance on it, and so it can sit garaged at home). I would have to pay a fee to get it re-inspected, registered, and new plates etc though. My insurance agent said it would be better to drop off lots the insurance have a bare minimum policy. She said if I dropped insurance my rates would skyrocket. I am confused about that, I think she might be telling me that just to make money. Any advice? Thoughts? Have a great night guys and gals.


An interruption in coverage IS a basis for an significant increase. I don't know the why...someone like Hallowed would know.

Your agent is an expert (or should be) in these matters. If you do not trust your agent ("I think she might be telling me that just to make money"), then get an agent you trust.