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Authors who Don't Look like They've Stepped in the Gym


I know this thread is unproductive, but I can't get over the number of authors claiming to be fitness experts but don't look like they've ever stepped in a gym.

Note, not only am I saying they don't look like bodybuilders, which is not big deal because people have different goals, but they don't look like they've ever touched a BB/DB/KB in their life!

Sorry, but it just blows my mind.

Yes, I know some are old now, and others have had medical issues. Clearly I'm not talking about those guys.

I'm talking about authors in their 20's to 40's in good health. How could you write about increasing muscle size and losing fat when they themselves look like recreational tennis players?

If their system is as effective as they make it out to be you'd figure they'd follow their own advice and at least build a physique that lets people know they are in the fitness industry.

What's worse is the countless followers they seem to attract. I guess it proves once again the pen is mightier than the sword.

Again, there's no point to this thread other than coming to terms with it the facts.

Even more off-topic, but has anyone else noticed there are "fitter" looking women authors than men's? Actually, these seems to be the case even with posters. I'll leave that one alone for now.


This is why I only listen to CT and Poliquin. The other's can probably babrely squat my wrist curl max. I'm not listening to a word they have to say.


Greg Glassman, founder of crossfit, the one in the middle.



come on man,

Dave Tate

Joel Marion

Scott Abel

Dr. Berardi

Chad Waterbury ( I dont know why people wont admit he's big)

Eric Cressey

Joe DeFranco

Dr. Darden (Yes he's in his 60's now, look at him in his prime)

Nate Green(yes, he's a journalist first, dude aint small though)

Jimmy Smith

Tony Gentilcore

I even kept it to people who are putting out more recent articles, left out King, Alessi, and Barr.

All these guys look like they can move some iron.

And i've met Jay Cutler,Dexter Jackson,Ronnie Coleman, Lee Priest, and Chris Cormier, I can tell ya that we wouldnt learn a whole lot of new stuff if we got daily articles from those guys.

Doesn't mean that I dont appreciate what they have to say and the hard work theyve put it, I just think that mass alone does not a good writer make.



I always hear some tubby fuck explaining to a skinny shit that the best way to "lose fat while gaining muscle and toning" is to do crossfit because it makes all your muscles work and .. something about tricking your body and ...being functional .. something about the theory of evolution... yeah..

Then they go and do alternating dumbbell shoulder presses standing on one leg. It's cute shit.


They're better at selling books than lifting. I met the owner if prolab and also the guy that owns ultimate nutrition (animal pak) neither look like they've been to a gym.


Are you bagging my favourite exercise? Doing that got me from 170 to 220.


yeah well..the small ones are functional.



Also the reason that there are more fit women trainers is that our expectation of a male trainer is higher.
We expect a male traner to be lean and strong and carrying around a large amount of muscle that takes several years to build.
A female trainer just has to be lean and have some muscle definition. Any women in reasonable shape could transform into lean and defined in less than a year.


I agree with WS4JB.
The list of authors who DO look like, and indeed lift, is longer than the ones who don't.

I'm more appalled at the way countless BBers fall victim to the hype of the pharmaceutical and supplement companies, and go out and spend billions on worthless crap.


I share the same sentiment. Maybe the issue is shallow and we should be focusing on content, not physiques. Or maybe this IS the fitness industry, where you're bound to be judged by your physique... (Unless you're the head of a large fad, a la Glassman.)

Fact is, is no average Joe trying to lose 25 lbs is going to be motivated by a 270-lb fat fuck trying to train them. Why would bodybuilding be any different?

Of course, silly me, I do always forget there's more to this forum than bodybuilding. I'm thinking a lot of their information is useful for guys in Combat Sports or what not.


Poliquin is big but he exaggerates more shit than any other author, so whats it worth? 20 grams of fish oil = 60 pounds of LBM and eggs from the D.R. make you lose fat and gain muscle overnight.


To broaden the discussion, I wouldn't mind seeing a current pic of everyone posting in the forums, especially those that constantly give advice to others about how to build massive muscle or lean out.


I think Doyle hit on something really interesting,... the media, and most people in general, tend to expect 'less' per say for a woman to be considered in shape. A few little hints of definition in the delts and every magazine drones on about how 'buff' the latest actress is.

However, if a gu is sporting a little above average musculature, while women may appreciate it, other guys won't be impressed. This may sound bad, but I always joked that a thin woman will usually be regarded as attractive, yet a thin man will usually be told he needs to eat something.

(on a side note, I've always been partial to athletic looking women, rail-thin women turn my stomach -lol)



I've been saying that. The only thing worse is that many of the ones talking about how other people look don't look like they lift themselves.


Funny, there are a lot of sports where the coach is considered an authority but couldn't really play a lick (Bill Parcells, Bobby Cox, many others).

You can understand the game and how to get people to succeed without doing it yourself.

"Looking the part" is as much about marketing and credibility as anything else.


Being a successful football player has a whole lot more to do with having favorable genetics than putting on muscle and staying in decent shape does.

Also, I don't know about Cox because I don't follow baseball, but Parcells did play football at a much higher level than the average Joe can even dream about.

Your comparison was weak.


I'd prefer that the authors posted more pictures of people they have trained from newbie to big and muscular. Some of them have said in the past that they make their bread and butter from coaching 'regular joes.' Well surely these Joes didn't stay regular under a top trainer's tutelage?

What the coach himself looks like is not all that important.


If they were truly creating impressively big and muscular bodybuilders, don't you think they would be rushing to post pics of them?

It is EASY to train someone to lose body fat (assuming they are actually motivated to do so). It is MUCH harder to take someone under your wing for a couple of years and actually guide into gaining a load of muscle mass.


Good point. I remember seeing an article awhile back that included an image of Arnold. Now, I'm 100% sure that this coach didn't train Arnold, so why do they think they can take credit for his success? I wish I could remember the name of the article.