Austrian Death Machine: Double Brutal

Ok, if you love Ahhnold, and Heavy Metal, then defiantly check out this second CD by the Band Austrian Death Machine. Had me LOLing during my workout today.

Austrian Death Machine - It’s Simple,If It Jiggles It’s Fat

Is that supposed to be Maria Schriver on the right?

And did you ask me to defiantly check it out? Is someone going to try and stop me? Guffaw.

[quote]Nards wrote:
Is that supposed to be Maria Schriver on the right?[/quote]

lol. It’s Tim Lambesis, the singer from As I Lay Dying. He wrote all the songs, and played all of the instruments. If you can ignore the fact that all of the songs/lyrics are based on Arnold movies, the music itself is actually pretty decent as far as newer metal goes.

Hahaha, I love it!

Total rip off of, the far superior, ARNOCORPS.

^^ I can hear the Predator theme in the guitar there. Nice!

fyi, this album is awesome.

another good’n.