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Austrian BLITZ!!!


The day I tried this I had one of the best workouts I've ever head. I suggest everyone who's an experienced lifter to try it!

This Quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger is from 1975
"I finally arrived at the idea of shocking the muscles. So once a week I took a training partner and drove out into the country with the weights. We limited ourselves to one exercise for a particular body part. I remember for the first day we carried 250 pounds into the forest and did squats for two hours straight.

I began by doing 20 repetitions with 250 pounds; then my partner did whatever he could. Then it was my turn again. We ended up doing something like 55 sets of squats each. The last hour seemed endless.

But it worked. Our thighs pumped up like balloons. That first day we gave our thigh muscles such a shock that we couldn't walk right for a week and each of us put something like an eighth or a quarter of an inch on our thighs; they just blew up.

They had no chance to survive except to grow. We made it a regular thing. We brought girls out there to cook. We made a fire outdoors and turned the whole thing into a little contest. We worked hard, but we had a good time.

After the muscle-shocking sessions, we drank wine and beer and got drunk and carried on like the old-time weightlifters sometimes it be came pure insanity."

It's definately not for someone who hasn't been lifting for more than a year or two because you definately have to know your body and how much stress your joints can take.


I did this in high school, so I'm going to say what I ate during this time because it matters!

My diet that day...

Breakfast: 2 Bowls of Cereal
Before lunch: 2 food bars
School lunch: 2 bowls cereal with milk, turkey sandwich
After lunch about 45 minutes before the blitz: 2 food bars
During and after blitz: Gatorade

Post blitz: 2 97% lean beef patties, 1 full container of egg beaters probably like 10 servings


I've done this..does that count?


?Australian BLITZ?

Did Arnold do this in Australia?
or do you think he's Australian.

Is that just a typo?

Arnold speaks German and was born in Graz, Austria.


Austria?? Well then, g'day mate, lets throw another shrimp on tha barbie...

What a clasically moronic mistake...


HAHAHAHA I screwed up, AUSTRIAN BLITZ lkjhsdafkjhasdflkjhasdf sorry dudes


honest mistake

lift4life i found to be quite knowledgable on this site. i've done worse. i've actually decided to defend a couple of my typos in some flame wars i got in just for the fun of it. meanwhile i meant the opposite. gotta love T-Nation, they'll let any butt reaming asswhole in here. including myself.


Uhh...good put-down...stupid.


There we go
T-Nation was kind enough to change it for ya. Now it reads Austria instead of Australia. i knew thats what ya meant.


You can actually edit everything you post...there's an option =D.


i know, but if i don't type it right the first time, i don't care enough to rewrite it

most of the time i feel like editing just because alot of my words are completly destroyed. I'll type "then", and it will show up "thier".....i have no idea how this happens???????????


Well....that's not quite right.
He speaks German as well as Cosgrove speaks English...and for a matter of fact we know he must be speakin something else.

Insert brainless stereotypical Groundskeeper Willie quote here


Oh yeah thats right, i almost forgot Austrians have thier own language. It's called Austrian. What was i thinking? Forgot they're no Germans in Austria. They're English there. Thats why he speaks English so well. Gehzundheit!


Funny fact about Arnie is that his movies for the german/austrian audience are dubbed (!)....think about that.

Even funnier...it's the same voice as Silvester Stallone, John Travolta and John Cleese...mmmh....

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Strictly speaking, Arnold was born in Thal, a small village near Graz. Now excuse me mate, I have to chase away those damn roos and wallabies hopping through my living room...

Michael "THAT'S a knife" 2507



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Just picture Alwyn and Shugs...

Willie: "Brothers and sisters are natural born enemies! Like Englishmen and Scots! Or Welshmen and Scots! Or Japanese and Scots! Or Scots and other Scots! Damned Scots! They ruined Scotland..."
Skinner: "You Scots sure are a contentious people."
Willie: "You just made an enemy for life!"
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[note to self]
need to watch less simpsons
[/note to self]

Web "ripping off Michael "ripping off Dan McVicker" 2507" Eye


Or how about a simple "Grease me up!!!!!"

Kind of disturbing that I came up with that...

Michael "At least I was the first one to italicise" 2507


Call Delta Force,
There's a major hijacking

Strictly speaking he was born out of a vagina in a hospital in Austria. But whose being particular here.

And by the way cyborgs arn't born. He actually came to this planet through osmosis.


Interesting theory... do you have any references to back it up?