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Australia's Biggest Loser

Tonight is the first episode of Australian Biggest Loser. We have imported Bob and Jillian as the trainers.

It is amazing how many people I work with that are starting their weight loss program today to try and keep up with the TV show.

In some ways I think it is a good thing that it has inspired many people to take control of their bodies, but I can see the potential for a lot of my colleages to become disheartened when they dont lose 10kg in the first week like some of the contenstants. They wont pay attention to the fact that the people on the show can work out for 16 hours a day if they want and have all their clean food supplied, they will just not be happy when they cant keep up with the contestants.

You guys in the US have been through a couple of seasons of this already. I am curious if you experienced the same things? Did it motivate people to lose weight, did they stay motivated or lose motivation when they couldnt keep up with the show?

Finally, were you able to make people understand that the training on the show is probably not the best way to make long lasting changes to their body?