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Australian Universities


I'm looking to study abroad in Australia for the spring, but don't know where to start. I'm majoring in chemical engineering, and here are some of the schools that offer that major:

James Cook University (Townsville)
La Trobe University
University of Newcastle
University of Queensland
University of Adelaide
University of Wollongong
Murdoch University
University of Canterbury
Massey University
University of Auckland
Monash University
University of New South Wales
University of Melbourne

Any advice for considerations, academic or geographical? I am currently at Tufts University near Boston, enrollment 4000-5000.


I can give you a brief run down of some of those Unis:

James Cook Uni - Based in Townsville (a military town), in Queensland's North. I don't know what Boston weather is like, but Twonsville gets fucking hot in Summer. The Uni isn't too bad for practical applications, but if what you major in requires significant academic/theoretical kudos, you might want to consider another uni.

University of Queensland - Based in Brisbane (capital of Queensland, roughly 2 million people, UQ has a very strong academic lean to its programs, and has a good reputation, especially for its business courses.

University of Canterbury
Massey University
University of Auckland
I think these 3 are New Zealand Unis, though they might Australian Campuses.

Monash Uni - I don't know any course specific info on MU, but they have a good reputation and are considered one of the more "uppity" unis in Australia. I think it is in Melbourne, which is Australia's version of Hell (in my books anyway). Get as hot as Townsville in Summer, but is cold, wet and miserable in Winter.

Hope this helps.


If you want to see how these unis rate on a world scale, check out http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/ranking.htm

For climate details, check out this website http://www.bom.gov.au/index.shtml

For a description of all Australian universities, including rankings


Hey veruvius and Massif,

University of Canterbury
Massey University
University of Auckland

These three are NZ Unis. I am an Engineering graduate of Auckland myself. Canterbury and Auckland are the most reputable in terms of Engineering (based on quality of grads and quality/quantity of research).

Auckland runs 4yr degree in Engineering. Chemical and Material Engineering is available, however the size of class is extremely small (C&M produces about 30-40 grads per year). Fees for overseas students is expensive and Auckland's living cost, when compared to the rest of the country (NZ), is not cheap.

Canterbury's degree is a little bit different - it is also 4yrs but is like 1yr Science + 3yrs Engineering. Fees are similar but living cost in Canterbury (Christchurch) is a little bit cheaper.

From what I know, the above Unis do not have campus across Tasman. They maybe running joint programmes with some Aust Unis, but that I am not sure.

veruvius, PM me if you need more infos. or check these out:



Hopes it helps,

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Just for our northern Brethern, New Zealand is NOT part of Australia. They just wish they were :wink:


Don't even bring it up, Massif.

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I couldn't resist - it was too easy. I'm not proud, but I am chuckling quietly.


I can give you a run down of the universties in New South Wales.

Uni of NSW:
My own alma mater (mechanical engineering). Strong engineering university with good links to industry. In Sydney's eastern suburbs so you will be near the beach and the CBD, but be ready to pay some serious rent in the housing in that area, it ain't cheap!

Sydney is Australia's largest and oldest city with over 4 million people. Plenty to see and do all year around.

BTW, I noticed you didn't have University of Sydney on your list. This is Australia's oldest uni and the main "rival" to UNSW. Located in Sydney's inner west a few kilometres from the CBD.

Uni of Newcastle:
Newcastle is 2 hours drive north of Sydney on the Central Coast. It used to be the major "steel city" in the area before they shut down the factories. As a result the whole place has now been cleaned up and is regarded as a great place to live. Newcastle uni has a good chemical engineering reputation.

You will be close to beaches and all the facilities of a city, but you will have more of a "regional Australia" experience than Sydney. If you like more of an active night life such as bars and clubs then Sydney is probably a better option.

University of Wollongong:
1 hour south of Sydney, right on the coast. Wollongong is basically Newcastle's sister city. Another "steel city", but the uni is at the "nice" end of town, away from the steel industry.

Hope this helps,



I would stay the hell away from Townsville, that place is vulture's arsehole.

Brisbane is a good place to be, I moved there to study. The weather is great and its a nice place to be. The Gold and Sunshine Coasts are only a short drive away. The University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology are in Brisbane.


I am biased as I go to the University of Queensland, but I would say it would be the best for a Bostonian. Brisbane is obviously smaller than Sydney or Melbourne, but the weather is better, the girls are better, its close to both gold and sunshine coasts. The Uni itself is about 30 000, probably find most of those u mentioned would be similar.

On a T-man note, they have an awesome powerlifting gym (hardcore with ghr and reverse hyper etc) costs $50 per semester to join.

Check out the uni as a whole at www.uq.edu.au


Thanks for the replies, guys. Good stuff. I thought I would have been able to talk to the Study Abroad advisor today to narrow down my choices, but there were too many people waiting for her (Apparently my school is the hottest in the country for studying abroad, but we have one advisor for the freakin school).

Apparently I have a lot of relatives in Sydney, and I have a friend who's applying to Uni. of NSW, so I'm leaning that way right now, but I've heard great things about Uni. of Queensland. I've been assuming I would go to Australia and visit New Zealand, but who knows. I have nothing guiding my decision right now other than the friend and relatives (who I've never met). When I learn more about various schools, I'll post again.