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Australian Steroid Legislation: OH S**T


Steroids no Illegal even with prescription! I am unsure of its reach but I know its hitting myself and a fair few other people around me. Any other Aussies care to share their knowledge of the situation?


Steroids would typically be governed under two types of legislation:

(a) each State and Territory's criminal and drug acts; and
(b) Federal legislation concerning the importation of prohibited substances.

I can't speak for other jurisdictions, but in the ACT it is illegal to even be "in possession" of an anabolic steroid unless you have a formal prescription.

Similarly, in New South Wales a similar approach is taken in the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966.

I would expect other States and Territories to follow a similar approach but I could be wrong.


Im in WA, I am unsure if this is totally true although apparently it was found out through the doctor that myself and a mate get our AAS from. I will be interested to see how this all turns out in the end due to the nature of the situation, what I mean by this is its going to put a lot of pressure on the people who take AAS for medical conditions. If it is passed then a patient must get his shot from a hospital and no where else.

If it does get passed then I think it maybe a dark day for Australian AAS.


Don't worry about mate. If you are not doing anything stupid. The police is not going to search your house just because you "look strong" right?! I know some law enforcement agents that are on the juice, heck they even sell it to me. If some day I am charged with AAS related offence, I would surely have some levrage on my side. Since you get your gear from the doc, you are covered.

The best secure sources for AAS
1. your doctor
2. federal law enforcement agents
3. trigger happy SAS maniacs

My friend did some time in Afganistan, he wanted to bulk up prior to his deployment and stay chemically enhanced for the duration of the tour. He was advised to procure his supply via option number 3 :).

If you have stocked up a few hundred vials of sustanon, it is best to keep it in someone else's safety deposit box.


You think that's how it will play? You think you can blackmail your way out of shit?


HAHAHAHA, thanks Meph. As always making me feel better about the situation.


Blackmail? isn't that illegal? I don't do that.


I know in QLD if ur lucky u can get it prescribed by a doc. but its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. For a country that lets u grow pot in or around the ACT. (correct me if im wrong) its rediculous one can end up behind bars for steroids which ud be better of using anyway.