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Australian Readers?

Hey guys,
I was just wondering if there are any Australian readers out there? I’ve beentraining for a while and my diet and training is in order. But now I’m looking at some test. boosting supps. Unfortunately you cannot purchase them in Australia. Anyone know where I can purchase some? thanks.

Dont bother looking. You wont find anything. Heaps of food and maybe creatine is your only weapon.

don’t tell me they banned Tribex now? when I was there you could get it.

Well actually you can get Tribex and M only. I think Surge aswell.

The shitty thing is that the American dollar is almost double ours so we have to pay double. About $80aus for Tibex and that i must say sucks!

I’m an Australian now living in California, so I have no problems buying what I want. But when I was still living in Sydney I wanted to import some Beverly supplements. They were picked up by customs, and I was asked to please explain. I worked with a great gal at AQIS in Canberra at the “biologicals unit” (Kirsty Swann) who helped me work with the rules for an import permit for the products I wanted. There were conditions attached - personal use, non-commerical quantities only (which is where distributors run into trouble). Sure, depending on what you want to bring in there might be nothing they can do, but it would be well worth giving them a call and talking to them. I found it a painless experience -just people doing their job but willing to work with you.

hey Armein(sp?)… I live in Oz and wanto import some e/c/a’s and maybe even somethings containing pro-hormones. What sort of products did customs let you import??

You might try Ironpowers Androstack. I’ve used it several times with good results although early on I noticed variations from one batch to the next - I believe it’s now standardised. Make sure you take on an empty stomach. Cheers

I was importing Beverly’s prot powders, aminos, and liver tabs. Bev don’t carry any stimulant products (they get great results using L-Carnitine, aminos, and the right diet). AQIS got upset about possible mad cow disease, foot and mouth, and brucelosis, and wanted to know how the products were made and where the product source was from. Working with Bev and AQIS I got the info they needed, and I was fine. Cost A$60 for the permit and it lasts 2 years. My point, though, is to give them a call and talk about what you want to do. Any importer that wants to bring in stuff in commercial quantities has huge hurdles to overcome, whereas a private importer will be treated differently. Of course, if something is illegal, that’s it.

Yeah fellow Aussie here. The test boosters are gernerally unavailable though the real deal is easier to obtain than you think. Many of my friends who are competitive bodybuilders obtain the gear legally through various doctors. And at 22$ a box of 3 enanthate or sustanon amps it beats the shit out of multivitamins.

OzE, who can you get tribex and M from in Oz? I’ve just moved to Melbourne from the UK and can’t seem to find a single supplier of Biotest supps. Where do you get your non-biotest supps from, can you recommend anywhere?

Seems you blokes have slightly tougher import regs. than N.Z, though some products are still off the list (Andro’s etc.). Our currency to the greenback is weaker than the Oz, plus moving goods to the other side of the world incurrs high costs. Good to see some tazzy cousins accessing good info.

In Melbourne you can find Tribex and M at a place called Great Earth on Elizebeth st in the city. They also have another store on Swanston st. I wish it didnt cost so much for us in Australia to buy supps from the US. Damn our currency! :S

With other brand supps, I only get AST micronized creatine in 1KG tubs which costs me around $70-80.

I also get Aussie Bodies Perfect Protien powder(which is shit by the way, but better than nothing) cos it's a cheap Aussie brand and the rest are also too expensive. Works out cheaper if you buy it in the 5kg Tub. I buy it from Chapel st in Pahran from a place called Discount Health Foods for around $110.

I wish I could get my hands on something like Mag10. That'd be sweet!

Cheers ozE, as i’ve still got a few ?'s laying around the place so the price of supps doesn’t seem so bad when i do the conversion. Once i get a few pay days in $AUS i’m sure it’ll hit home a bit harder!

I’ve been buying some Prolab protien as it was the only brand i recognised here. Got it from Evelyn Faye Nutrition on Bourke St (corner of Elizabeth St), they do 10% off all supps on the first Monday of each month. It’s be biggest place i’ve seen in Melbourne yet. You may have know that already by it’s still worth mentioning.


You can order Biotest supplements through a company called netrition.com. I have ordered heaps of biotest supplemnts through their with no problems. I have got through methoxy, Myostat, Surge, power drive. Haven’t tried tribex or M yet. And DONT use Andro Stack by Iron Power it has androsterone in it and that increases Est levels. I even emailed Tim Patterson about it and he said stay away from it. u are better staying away from prohormones unless you can get Mag -10. or get something like Deca and do 2mg per week for eight weeks and use Biotests M.

Nah havent seen that store. I’ve heard the name before but never knew where it was. Thanks. I’ll check it out next mth.

Has any Aussies thought of getting a mate in u.s to fill something like a methoxy bottle with mag 10 and mailing it over? Customs usually won’t do a on the spot analysis
of whats inside,as long as you can rewrap it.and looks new might just work. also mailed in small lots say 1-2 or big bottle around christmas time when they are up to eyebalss in mail might be a good strategy!

the local store here in perth (Body Performance Gear) used to stock some Biotest products but they got rid of them all. The girl at the counter said that they just werent being sold mainly cause other companies were advertising better down under than Biotest. So they stock what sells. Previous poster is right, go see the quack and be honest about what you are looking to do, sustanon 250 and a cpl of others are available and cheaper than protein powder ! (its getting harder to get a hold of AAS, cause a lot of them are being taken off the market by pharmacutical companies)
I know it will never happen but id love for once an article about alternatives to Biotest products that are available here in Aus.