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Australian importation of Biotest Supplements

This is to all the Aussies on the forum. I am planning to import some Biotest supplements. Specifically Methoxy and Tribex through the online supplement store netrition.com. Before any possible hassles with customs occurs I was just wondering has anybody else tried this before and what was your experience doing this? I would really love to be able to do this, because even with the extra hundred bucks or so freight its still way cheaper to import when compared retail (and thats if you can find them!). Thanks for any help that you all can provide.

I am working through the same thing right now and will tell you what happens as soon as I know.

Tribex definitely doesn’t have ingredients that appear on importation restriction schedules. Nor did the old Methoxy 7. Flavones are OK, but I’m notsure whether the new ingredient is OK. Check with customs before you order.

Having said that, EVERYTHING is being opened at the moment. That means slower delivery and a lot of mix-ups with confiscations. If you get a confiscation advice for either of those, explain your case and it should be forwarded.