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Hello my fellow australians.

Where about in the big dry land do u live.Just curious as there seems to be more and more aussie's joining T-Nation everyday.

Well im just out of canberra,how bout u guys?





I'm in Baulkham Hills, a suburb in north-western Sydney.



I'm in Jindabyne SE NSW in the cold ocld Snowy Mountains, and they are snowy today indeed.




I think the wind blowing through here the last few days came all the way from sunny jindabyne. Abso-bloody-lutely freezing. No barefoot deadlifts today.


I am currently in melbourne and boy is it cold, train at dohertys(good gym if you are in Melb24/7)


Scrooge, you reckon it's cold up there, high winds and -2 deg C at the moment. Snow falls all over the place. To think that a week and a half ago I was playing golf in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Weird bloody place Australia. Will be putting the skis on this weekend. Looking forward to seeing what all those squats have done for my skiing.


I'm in Brisbane, and it's bloody cold up here. I actually had to put a singlet on this morning while drinking my coffee.

22 degrees and beautiful sunshine. Suckers!!!!!!


Sthn Suburbs of Adelaide
15C and raining all week.
Which is great, coz we need it and we've had some awesome thunderstorms!



Wollongong. Just south of sydney. ITs gettin pretty cold here, and im the silly git who thinks 3-6 months head start on spring-summer prep is a good idea. Joggings terrible, damnit im moving north. =)


im in burwood in sydney, apparently its snowing in the blue mountains at the moment bout time it started to feel like winter.



I'm in Canberra too, real fricking cold here. Just sent you a PM too:)




I'm from Far North Queensland up in Cairns. The weather up here is perefect. Not too hot not too cold. I pity all off youin the cold : )


Live near brisbane, study all day at the gold coast.... god i love queensland :smiley:


Well, a lot of us down here don't like Queensland at the moment, it is State of Origin season after all!


If your singlet is the same thing as our singlet, AND you wear that for comfort, there has to be something wrong with that isn't there?


Lived in Katherine for a summer back in '97. Haven't been there since unfortunately.


I was thinking about spending a semester in Australia, but I'm debating between Australia and Europe. I'm sure you guys will recommend Australia, but what would you guys say Australia has that Europe doesn't? What do you think its selling points are? Thanks a lot, sorry if this is a hijack


I think you should base your decision on what you want to experience. If you want to see the ancient churches and castles and really dive into architecture and history then I'd say Europe, definitely.

However, if you want the laid back easy going kind of semester where you can still party your ass off yet enjoy vastness, nature, friendly folks and so forth then Aus. should be your choice.


I'm traveling to Sydney in 4 weeks for a two week "holiday' and wedding. Where is a decent place to workout in Sydney?


It's F-n winter there huh? What the hell kind of trip am I taking??