Australian Football

Hi from Australia! I’m wondering if there is anyone who knows what are the best lifts to incorporate for Aussie rules (AFL). I know the people on the t-forum are U.S but I thought I’d ask anyway. I use powercleans, Snatches and Squats all on different days. Does anyone think that I could train the same as U.S footballers?

Probably train more like basketball players. You don’t need a lot of upper body strength (although tackling is allowed, you will rarely get to make a solid hit). You need a good v-jump because a lot of the game is about contesting aerial ball.

David - Know of any good basketball weight training programs?

G’day mate! I had the good luck to go out with a girl who worked for essendon last year and had many long talks with their trainers.

Their training obviously changes depending on the part of year they are in, bu for the most part focuses on 2 main lifts - squat and power clean. They do different variations over the year, but they are always in their programs unles rehabing.

The rest of their weight sessions they pick a major group (such as upper body push, or upper body pull) and work 2-3 different compound moves for that group.

Their remianing time is spent on many different types of interval cardio - grinder for 30:30 x5, 60:30 x2, 90:30 x2, with maybe some 3-5min intervals thrown in for good measure.

Hope that helps.

andrew - wow thats great! are you still going out with that girl? What a job. Did you find out if they did much core work i.e. abs etc? And do you know if they kept there reps low with lots of sets during the competive season? while adding some supportive exercises for each group? Sorry for all the questions but working for essendon, thats awesome!