Australian Doctors - Waste of Time

I am not special and will not be the last person that will be left with a sour taste in their mouth after leaving the local GP’s office… here is my personal experience with doctors surrounding PED’s.

My first interaction with a doctor was at the start of the year. I came to his office genuinely concerned about my libido… since my girlfriend at the time was concerned.

Straight away when I brought the topic of testosterone up he looked at my physique and scoffed at me. Implying that my underlying reason for coming in was revolved around TRT potentially and that a person at my age and physique would obviously not be insufficient in any means.

The part that really started to make me feel like these GP’s were a waste of time was later in the conversation when he was trying to convince me to stop lifting weights altogether and start swimming or cycling… unbelievable.

I left the office with no constructive help or recommendations.

The second scenario was only recently. For context - I have been extremely worried about my BP recently. I have my own cuff and have been taking readings morning & night, left & right arm etc… On average my systolic has been 150-155. Diastolic has been not as worrisome but more sporadic, between 60-90.

I read an article the other day stating that if you’re 20+ points over the normal range you’re twice as likely to have a heart attack / stroke. This is not something I am happy to be fucking around with. Not to mention left ventricular hypertrophy.

My second experience…
I spoke to another doctor regarding this issue. Explaining to him that my diet is clean, regular exercise, 4L water every day, 7 hours sleep every night and a very stressful job.

He then went on to tell me that 150/90 wasn’t much to be concerned about???

I then asked if I can be prescribed some telemisartane… which he said no… as it has too many side effects…

So let me get this straight. You are not going to prescribe me Telemisartane since it is going to potentially make me dizzy. The side effect of high BP is FUCKING DEATH. There won’t be any dizziness when I am 10ft under.

The most frustrating thing was all he said to me was that I needed to see a psychiatrist for my stress at work? Are you kidding me.

I am really trying to be proactive about my health and all in all I’m so disappointed. I know there is plenty of good medical practitioners out there, I just need to find one.

Apologies for the long rant. Cheers.

I had a US GP try to explain to me the reason why I had a stroke was from lifting…

Good luck w finding a decent doctor.

Doctors are waiting for numbers to get out of range, they don’t care about what’s healthy.

I do feel like a sick dog with your numbers, and in fact I did have those numbers. Now I’m 110/66 and feel way better in every way!

Reading about ignorant or obstinant doctors has kind of made me wary about inquiring about trt. Having the blood work done this week and hoping not to encounter too much idiocy.

I don’t know if you have a specific doc you usually go to - but if you can be selective about it, I’ve found most of the older males (55+ y/o) are usually stuck in their ways. Ideally I think younger docs are going to be more progressive and helpful with these kind of things.

Good luck man.

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Glad to hear you feel better at those levels.

I’ll get it in check very soon here, this is priority no 1 at the moment.

Wow. You must of been infuriated at the time.

Yeah thanks mate - I’ll keep on searching.

The less common your problem is, the exponentially worse your experience will be. If your ailment isn’t in your doctors top ten greatest hits, you’re going to have a bad time.


Well, first of all, idk how its in civilised world but in Eastern Europe GPs are just secretaries for actual doctors. Our country has them so they can filter the BS.
Basically if someone hurts his leg, the GP is there to send him to the “leg doctor” because the moron might wanna go to the “penis doctor” and just waste his time.
Anyone who has basic understanding of medicine(i lived 6 years with a doctor, so lots of it rubbed off on me) has no use for GPs here and they are a pain in the ass.
For example, when i had high BP, instead of getting all the tests done, i had to wait 2 weeks to get to the GP, then he she sends me to the actual tests which take weeks again(even tho i knew what tests i need and she sent me to the exact ones i would have done in the first place). Basically i just did all the tests paying full, so i dont have to have the GP in the middle.
In here, if you go through the GP(its called Family Doctor here) you can get into country sponsored line and wait 1-6 months to get a cheap tests, or you can skip the GP, go to the private clinic and do whatever you want to do with your money.

And yes, i also find that doctors close to the Soviet generation here are mostly shit. The best doctors are women and as young as possible. Because when they finish school, they still have some little belief in humanity left and they actually wanna listen, and think, and help. I watched one doctor(my ex) get all her dreams slowly shattered while dealing with piece of shit humanity in her work long enough that she also went from “i want to help” to “as long as they pay me good”. I actually know a broken surgeon who said : “its the same as fixing cars only more complicated and pays more money”. Thats what happens when you take a young person and spit in his face long enough that he loses his dreams.
Same happens with cops. No matter how much you want to do the right thing, the society and laws will spit on you so long, you will just become one of the “lets just sit in the car and wait for the next paycheck” guys.


How did that BP experience end up for you? Were you trying to get on meds for your BP?

Totally agree - just need to find a young & keen doc.

On a side note - thanks for being T-Nations number 1 B&C advocate. After reading your countless comments it intrigued me to dig a little deeper than the conventional cycle then PCT regime. Makes absolute no fucking sense to me personally why I would do that and B&C is what I am doing now.

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Nah, i have meds for life since i had a problem with my heart 10 years ago. But the BP went to shit and since i have been abusing steroids for years, i was afraid that the time has come for me to pay the price.
Did all the tests, even heart echo - everything is fine and the BP stabilised after 2-3 weeks. I believe it was a side effect of the covid vaccine as i later found out that 6 months after the vaccine many people had some weird problems, that were also connected to something they have had previously in life… like a girl that had some “women problems” in life, had some new ones 6 months after the vaccine - like some small tumors in her organs or smth, that also went away on their own.
When i looked into it i found out that there is some sort of inflamation in heart that goes away on its own, as one of the most common side effects of the vaccine, so i believe it was it. Because i was on 250mgs of test then and my BP was 150… now im on 875mg test and 700mg tren ace, and my BP is like 122-124.

Glad to know people read my comments and even more glad to know i could be of some help. For me this is hopefully one “i did a cycle and now my dick doesnt work” topic less in the future, haha.
Funny how all the broken pee-pees are always after cycling…(evil grin)…

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For like 1/5,000 people if you’re young, 1/30,000 if you’re older. We are talking myocarditis, however markers indicative of very subtle cardiac inflammation will be elevated in most post m-rna shot. You’d have a similar elevation in markers when sick (not necessarily with covid) anyway.

As to whether it goes away? Just like covid it depends

If you’re SUPER unlucky transient myocarditis could lead to a heart attack or arrhythmia.

Also, there’s a connection with covid severity and AAS use, watch out for that.

My concern is the doctors seem to be obsessed with reference ranges rather than symptoms, ie; if the bottom of the range is 300ng/dl and you’re at 299ng/dl, then you need trt, but if your at 301, then you’re fine, go home!
I guess their hands are kind of tied by the rules they have to follow. Private clinics are an option, but trt is still about 20 years behind America in my country and I’m not sure about how much they can do. Plus the cost would be an issue too.