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Australian (Brisbane) T-Men...!

Just a call out to any T-men in Brisbane - Australia. Let me know if you’re out there! (Tan and Ryan acknowledged)

Tan - I was thinkin’ the same thing about stats and expecting you guys to be massive dudes. Seems you and me are much the same. I’m 6’, 173lbs, and about 10%bf. Started at about 135lbs 3 years ago, so I’m doin’ pretty good, and my progress is accelerating.

If you wanna hook up it’s cool. I’ve got a few T-friends up here in Brisbane (who put me onto the site, but aren’t quite as involved with it), so we could all hang for a while, perhaps even hit the town in search of a few T-Vixens… maybe we could bust out a few sets of Vixen Presses before the night is out…! [grin] I’m not one to get way sloshed though, or really drink much at all. Just thought I should mention that. From your previous posts you seem open to it, but we’ll see who else posts here and finalise things in the near future.


Mark, sounds like a great idea!!!

Tan - just remembered you said you had a gf, so I guess the Vixen Presses are out… but the rest can be on. And I can’t believe she thinks you’re “too big”…! [grin/shrug] She’ll change her mind when you finally get so shredded that Uni medical classes use “you” instead of an anatomy chart…

Oh, and how long have you been training for?

I’ve been training for 1 and a half years, but only seriously for the past year. I’m currently bulking up so my bf is about 12%…bad thinhg about being in Oz is all the training books and equipment like Ironmind grippers that i order from the US are really expensive

Yeah, the exchange really sux. I wouldn’t mind tryin’ out some Biotest supplements, but aside from them being insanely expensive after currency conversion, half of them are simply illegal… Doh!

Mark…where do u get your supplements?..i get them from Ada Street Discount Supplements in Taringa. Biotest supps are really expensive here…i tried Tribex and it was $70 a bottle…think prices are going to go up since the exchange rate is dropping.

Cool, that’s where I get all of mine too! They’re the cheapest anywhere in the whole damn city as far as I can tell. Actually, I don’t really use an aweful lot of supps anymore. Only protein and creatine after training, or a protein bar when I’m out, the rest of the time it’s just normal food. I’d have to say that at least half my days food is made up of Skim Milk Powder and either Milo or Sustagen. Easy calories, and the skim has an amino-acid profile not too far off whey protein. I haven’t been to Ada St. for a while now, didn’t even know they stocked Biotest supps. Is that where you got the Tribex???

I actually ordered the Biotest supps from Body Performance Gear in Perth through mail order. However, at the moment i’m just taking some multivitamins and protein powder together with about 2 litres of Paul’s full cream milk a day. For the past 12 weeks i’ve just been doing heavy compound movements ala Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik. I’ve temporarily ditched the high tech stuff by Poliquin, King etc. I’ve actually made more strength and size gains on this proocol than in the past 1 and a half years…just benched 230 for the first time today

Tan - interesting that you’re making progress with that training. I take in heaps of dairy products too. It works wonders, but I’m starting to lose my abs [GASP}, always hard, but it’s for a good cause. That’s an impressive bench too. I’ve found that while my strength is heaps better than it was, I’m still kinda weak by gym standards. But I really couldn’t give 2 rats nads, as I’m growing quite well on the weights I’m doing. I think from what we’ve both said, that we’re agreed that it’s not really the supps that make the ultimate difference, it’s the diet. Some supps help, but for now, even after 3 years, I’m still getting my diet and training more and more refined. So I’m holding off on spending any more huge sums on supps.

Tan - I tried wheeling and dealing with the moderators in gettin’ my E address to you, but they aint havin’ a bar of it…! But hey, if that’s the rules, then we gotta deal with it, and that’s fair enough [grumbles under breath…]. So, I guess we’ll just have to hook up for a training session or something, then get E details…? You up for it some time in the near future?

It really makes me laugh at these puny 173 lbs skeletors who call themselves T-men!! Seriously man, get some food and hit the weights. Stop running marathons.