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Are Androsol and MD6 available in Australia? If not, will they get through customs? I’m suspecting the answers to both of those questions is a big-fat “NO!”. If that is the case, are there any supplements I can use to replace them?

Cheers =)

No and no.

Oz totally sucks for importing supps.

In fact, your postal system (and New Zealand’s)
are known as among the most corrupt for
thieving intercountry packages too.

On the flip side…plenty of good roids
cheap and available down in Oz.


Damn, and I still had a glimmer of hope that I would be able to hop on the Fat Fast…

I’ve considered ordering Androsol/Nandrosol too James but it’s probably not worth the hastle - i’ve only ever got a couple of illegal supps in and that was some time ago.
PS: Which state you from?

Brock. What sort of price would you consider reasonable, in Oz, for say our locally made: Spectriol, Drive, Stanazolol, anaplex etc,etc. Also, which vets have you heard to be the most open-to-business, so to speak? I work out at home, and have NO contacts, but would like to get some juice soon without having to look to mail-ordering o/seas - this seems silly and costly if there are good products readily available at my fingertips.

I’m in Melbourne and workout at the Monash University Gym (I’m studying there).