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Australia v New Zealand - Amateur boxing


The next town over (maryborough)is hosting the Dennis Welbeloved memorial tournament this saturday night. It will feature top amateur representatives from Australia, NZ & Fiji. It will be a pleasure to give the Kiwi's another arse kicking :slight_smile:
Good luck fellers


Well, not too many replies so I'll be brief. To put things into perspective early it was a memorial to a pillar of Australian boxing so we had to get the trophy. It was political boxing which was taken well.
I take my hat off to the phenomenal boxing skills of our oceanic neighbors who lost all but 1 decision. There was 1 draw which I will allow but besides one first round stoppage each and every fight was dominated by stronger more experienced New Zealand Golden Gloves & national Champs. Our only two national champs to fight were flogged soundly despite great fanfare.
Want to know more, I forget the names but I have a headfull of great moments. PM me.
We also had a sidebar of 2 mug brawlers. Armchair boxing experts, one of whom was warned by yours truly for foul language in front of women & children who could not throw a single decent punch. It isn’t as easy as it looks boys.




Doesn't make sense, who actually won?



You guys definately flogged us but, probably due to this being the first Dennis Welbeloved memorial Cup hometown judging a la Seul Olympics & Japan took over. Very dodgy decisions. Our boys looked strong in one of six fights but took 5.


2 from 6 actually