Australia & Kettlebells?

Have any Aussies ordered kettlebells online from overseas? If so, how much did it set you back? I’m thinking that the shipping costs will be excessive, given the weight of the package. Therefore, any ideas where I can find one in Australia? If not, some alternative suggestions on how to complete the Renegade kettlebell training would be quite handy. I find using dumbbells very inadequate and would like to do it properly. Cheers.

I will check into shipping or availability. I know some my Rugby players in your parts had kbells so I will see where they got them. I shipped some on a flight for $40 per unit but I dont know about Aus. Failing that lets look at some alternatives! - and please never hesitate emailing me. In faith, Coach Davies e-mail them a think they would send them out to you as cheaply as possible! Would most likely be by sea though but that saves on cost somewhat and the more baught the more money saved, hope that helps!

Thanks for the help. I’ll be in touch, Coach.