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Austin TX Gyms



I've been reading this site for about 6 months and it's helped me tremendously. My problem now is I've become the strongest person in my gym (the sad thing is I'm not even that strong). I need to find a new so I can keep making progress.

Can anyone suggest a gym in Austin that has a platform, glute ham and reverse hyper benches? I've been calling around but most people who answer the phones at the gyms don't know what these are and I haven't been able to drive around much to take a look myself.

Thanks for your help!


whats up man. I live in Austin and lift too. A gym that has the reverse hyper machine is the Harmon Street Gym. Its a boxing/powerlifting gym. I dont go there anymore since i got a power rack in my garage, but if you wanna check it out, its on the northside. www.harmonstreetgym.com



I've heard this is a good place but I haven't actually been there, so I can't tell you what equipment they do or don't have.


Dave Goodin owns Hyde Park Gym and he's a great guy with a lot of knowledge on powerlifting and bodybuilding. Definitly try it. -T


Hyde Park gym has pretty much everything you could ever want as far as equipment. There's a number of bodybuilders, powerlifter, athlete types that work out there, so you don't get the annoying crowd that you see at most gyms. The price is pretty reasonable I think (around $30/month) and there's no contracts. You can sign up for a month and leave with no obligation if you don't like it.

I've been working out there over 2 years and its pretty much the best gym I've used. And if you're in central Austin I don't think anyplace else is better.


rg73, are you doing Dave's show in a few weeks?


I would definitely not recommend Hyde Park Gym for you. It's more of a bodybuilding gym, and I hated it. There was actually a sign on the wall saying "this is not a powerlifting gym". It's not.

I gave up on finding a good commercial gym and bought a power cage and a house to put it in.



A little drive, but it might be worth it to you.


This is not correct. The sign says "this IS a powerlifting gym" (which you'd figure since Dave has competed in powerlifing)--it says simply not to drop your weights. I believe some of the signs say "not" but the "not" is crossed out. And no one actually cares if you drop the weights.

Given that there's two oly platforms and 3 squat racks in that part of the gym, and given that they have bumper plates (you know so you can drop the weight), I'm not exactly sure where you figure Hyde Park Gym isn't for powerlifting.

Every day people are doing deads, squats and oly lifts in that room. I'm not the only one.

Good for you. I would just do that too if I could. Of course some of us are in school still and central Austin real estate prices are ridiculous. So if you can't do that, well, what's your suggestion?


No. I'm not a competitive bodybuilder. I'm just one of those guys doing deadlifts where it apparently says this isn't a powerlifting gym. And I'm way too fucking hairy to even contemplate ever waxing myself even if I could cut to contest shape.

While we're on the topic of Austin gym's, has anyone had any experience with OK Weightlifting and Oleg Kechko? I'm thinking of going there this summer to work on my oly lifts.


Maybe that's changed since I've been there. It was a couple of years ago. But the sign definitely said "not", and I never saw anyone doing deads or Oly lifts. In fact people gawked at me when I did deadlifts.

East side! Seriously, it's way cheaper over here. All you have to do is go across I35 and the prices drop by about 75%.

The Gold's by Highland Mall isn't too bad if you go at the right times. If you go at peak hours it sucks, but if you can get there when it's not too crowded, it's pretty good. I haven't been there in a while, but last I saw they had 3 power cages and a good assortment of bumper plates. And if you're a student, does your school have a gym you can use?


Old thread bump. Anyone in Austin? Where y'all lift?


Live in Round Rock, lift at the Lance Armstrong 24 HR. Not great but it's got a squat rack and shotgun rack that nobody really ever uses. Checked out the Gold's there when I moved last year but it sucked. They opened a Metro Flex not that long ago, may check that one out.

Where do you lift at?


Down in San Marcos(close enough). Train at So High Sports. More for sports training but it fits perfect.


I'm lifting at Hyde Park. Very PL friendly. I think there's 6 or so places to squat, deadlift platforms, DBs up to 150, GHR, competition rack. I'm surprised there's not more PLers here.


I hear SMAC has some lifters. You ever been there?


I would like to lift at Hyde Park but it's a bit of a drive for me and I don't have a lot of time between my son and work. Isn't Hyde kind of expensive? It's like a punch card system or something like that, right?


Ya I lifted there for a year. Its good and all but the gym has gotten just too packed. It has gotten more packed and there is only two squat racks. Not a fan of asking a skinny college kid if I can work in with him while he does his 65lb barbell curls. So I found this gym and have been quite happy.


They have all kinds of rates including $120 for 3 months or $370 a year.

I'm staying pretty close to the Lance Armstrong 24hr and it takes me 20min each way. It's right off I-35.


I think I met a fellow who trains there, they have a group of (mostly) single ply guys?