aussies with an x-vest?

any aussies here own an x-vest??

or is there anything comparable that is made here, coz shipping on these is a F%$#ing killer

Depends on what you want an x-vest for? You could use a bag (backpack style) and put some weight plates in it.

backpack’s are the same with distribution, versatility and of course it’s waterproof. If you email me - I will check with the shipping expense and if it can be piggy-backed with other stuff maybe it’ll be worthwhile

In faith,

Coach Davies

if you do a google search for x vest an australian site is the FIRST webpage available!!!

Its even got pictures of some canberra raiders, brissie lions and mundine!!!

go to this URL:

SMA Members $139
Non Members $175

its 139 for SMA members and 175 for non members i got no idea what SMA membership is or how you get it…

im going to try to make one … shouldnt be too hard to make :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

copied and pasted from the site…

Exercise Vest Background

Physiotherapist, athletes, fitness instructors, fabric experts, sponge experts, fashion designers and sports wear manufacturers were employed by a Cardio Thoracic Surgeon to develop a product that will replace incorrect methods of exercise practiced by a large group of people and even some professional athletes.

The aim was to design a weighted jacket that will give good results, be comfortable to the body, doesn’t cause injury if used properly and one that people can wear in public with out looking odd. The X Vest is stylish, easy to wear, easy to wash, breathable and durable.

What Does The X VEST Do & Who Can Wear It?

  1. Pockets strategically situated to carry weights around the torso in a balanced way to keep the center of gravity during exercise without throwing the alignment of the body which can cause injury.

  2. The X VEST is made of 5 different fabrics lined with a soft sponge to minimise the pressure and to help mold the weights to the torso. It is made up of a high quality nylon fabric which is highly durable, sporty looking, tough, though soft on the skin, breathable, and lined with mesh to give it even a softer touch to the body. The sides are made of elastic fabric to increase the elasticity and bring a better grip on the weights.

  3. The X VEST will enhance performance of a gym work out or a daily routine, help to burn more calories because it is designed to keep the balance of the body and utilize the muscles in the body. In other words you can do the same amount of exercise and burn calories in less than half the time.

  4. The groups of muscles that are involved in the exercise are:

  • Shoulder muscles (Deltoid, Rhomboids & Trapezies muscle).
  • Chest muscles (the Pectorals)
  • Upper and lower abdominal muscles (Rectos and the Oblique muscles), lead to a firmer more toned Abdomen (also can be used by women with loose Tummy due to pregnancies).
  • The back muscles (Latissmus Dorsi) to give a better posture and a stronger back
  • Thigh and leg muscles (the Quadriceps Hamstrings, Biceps & Gastrocnemius muscles) help give nicer looking thigh and legs, with a better muscle contour and less fat.
  1. The X VEST can be used whilst walking and on treadmills in the house or on a machine in the gym.

  2. The X VEST is designed to fit firmly on the torso. When jogging or running, the weights are sealed in a plastic cover and separated from the body by a foam which is highly flexible. This enables the X Vest to mould to the shape of the body and makes jogging very comfortable.

  3. It can be worn in the aerobic session at the gym or in the house to intensify your work out and burn more calories.

  4. It can be worn during push-ups to give the shoulder and arms (Biceps & Triceps) extra power and a better look.

  5. It can be worn during sit up to intensify the performance of the abdominal muscles to give a nicer, firmer more toned tummy.

  6. The X VEST can be worn during daily activities, such as housework, to increase the number of calories burnt.

Who uses the X VEST ???
Parramatta Eels
Canberra Raiders
Sydney Swans
Melbourne Storm
Brisbane Lions
Anthony Mundine
Body Builders
plus Other elite athletes and teams.