Aussies: "My Health Record" - An Issue?

Yo Aussies,

The new My Health Record will come in to effect on 15 November 2018. This means doctors and hospitals etc everywhere can access ALL your medical info in one place.
I think this means if you’re on TRT then your doc will be able to access any bloods you’ve had done while you’re blasting. Not sure if private bloods will be included without a medicare number?

I myself use to order my bloods privately, but they’re obviously still under my name.
They are NOT under my medicare, so I’m not sure - will this be included in the My Health Record?

You are able to opt out of it but you have to do it BEFORE it comes in to effect on November 15 2018.


Imo you’d have to be mad to let the government have even more control/know even more about you! Australia is the worst nanny state there is. I opted out a while ago. I get copies of all my blood tests etc. Most doctors can access them anyway. I don’t have any reason to be a part of it.

How do I opt out. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing to hide on my medical record but if I get more private bloods in the future I don’t want them being accessed

Once again, it’s only a nanny state if you follow the rules. The government isn’t concerned about catching minor defectors, otherwise every pot smoking teen would be put in jail, I see people use drugs here in public, can’t be that much of a nanny state if you can get away with that. If you follow the trillions of unenforced rules then yea, it’s a nanny state

Depends what your doing, if your taking a 20pac to defqon you’ll be raped.

If you’re like me and spend your free time hitting the mountains or hitting the city roads or hours from civilization on a motorbike you will be constantly raped by the Police. 11 times ive lost my license so far.

If you have improved the handling of your car, or have an exposed air filter you will be raped.

But you can drive a rusted out vn commodore on slicks and not get raped.

I cant even go to my local racetracks because my bike is to loud. The racetracks are limited to 75db thats lower than a stock car or bike.

Not a nanny state?

Sorry, what’s a 20pac? Do you mean a case of beer?

Why, was it due to speeding? I see people speed all the time, usually 5-10km over the speed limit and I very rarely see one getting pulled over

It’s a nanny state if you follow the rules, and frustratingly so. However the amount of kids my age who assault/ rob others (I’ve never done this and never will, it’s immoral and disgusting) and get away with it is rather frightening. The sheer amount of drug use amongst the teenage population (that seemingly goes by unreported as people either turn a blind eye or just don’t care, I don’t use recreational psychoactive drugs, that’s just my choice though) is frightening. However if one follows the rules then… Yea Australia is the worst. Some states are worse than others though, and the problem with muggings here is if you defend yourself, you’re likely to get into trouble, total BS.

Wait, what. You’ll get fined for modding your car?

Pingas. Mdma. Defqon is a hardstyle day/night festival.

Speeding, wheelies, overtaking on double lines. Yea you can do 10-20ks over reasonably safely on the motorway. 10ks on streets.

When we ride though the street is our track basically because our track days cost upto 1000$ by the time you get back home and service the bike and throw more tyres at it. Plus our tracks where i am in qld has sound limits.

Yea the kids run wild here. The Police in Melbourne are scared of the african gangs. They wont arrest them for anything.

Yea man, its redic. To low or to high, to loud, vta breathers, catalytic converters. Even blody window tint.

Downloadfest is later this yr, Slayer will be in Aus, gonna probs travel wherever it is just to see them.


I’m not even talking about whether you’re following or breaking rules. I’m referring to the culture, taxes etc as well as laws. Australians generally have less of a problem giving away their rights than many other countries, and the common approach is to legislate, ban, tax, censor etc.

100% NSW is the worst its an actual Police State, hell a guy ended up getting charged the other day for doing a burnout on private property. Wtf??

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I read an article that Australians feel that their democratic rights are at risk because they had another prime minister thrown out.

I had to laugh because that is democracy at work. It’s like you people are crying out to be ruled over. Silly Australians.

“Only a nanny state if you follow the rules”, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read lol Sorry @unreal24278

Yeah man I couldn’t believe it when I heard your premier talk about that music festival where people were caught with pingas or whatever happened. Can’t remember if someone died? But her response was to ban the music festival, instead of, I don’t know, being realistic and minimising harm by allowing pill testing etc.

We are pretty silly haha I think as a country we have Daddy issues lol.

Regarding all the prime ministers back stabbing each other, it pisses me off because it’s not as if we keep voting in new ones, they just keep stabbing each other in the back! None of them have our best interests at heart anyway so it is a pretty shitty form of (representative) democracy.

Have you ever lived overseas? I’d guess not from your comments here. I’ve spent the last 5 years living overseas in 2 different countries and I upon returning I am more grateful than ever for this country

I haven’t lived oversea but spent quite a long time os for work trips.

You are right there is no place like Australia. But the Australian way is being lost. The government needs to loosen its grip and help with cost of living pressures

MDMA was spiked, a bunch of kids died and a bunch were hospitalized, I thought they were doing pill testing? Or is that in NSW or something, the notion of banning a festival due to MDMA use is fucking ridiculous, backwards and irritating, people are going to use drugs whether they go to a music festival or not, while people do tend to use drugs at music festivals, the overall rate of kids using drugs probably isn’t going up significantly, other times kids use MDMA include, but are not limited to

  • Parties
  • Clubbing
  • various art, sport festivals
  • gatherings

Should we ban birthday parties, get togethers, clubs, art festivals, sports and more? Clearly so

if it funny because of the intended comedic tone of the comment or because you find it to be untrue?

too true, I hear to get into a bar in Sydney they take a photo of you and scan your ID, the photo part is ridiculous, then (i’m not well informed here) but there’s like a 2am curfew, the carefree way of living like an Australian is lost, we have regulations, rules and restrictions forced up our anuses in very large, thick quantities. The only way to truly enjoy the Aussie way of life now is to go super rural.

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I opted out months ago. It may be useful for people with certain medical conditions but for me, no thanks. Why would i want to let the government have more tabs on me. I stray against everything like this all the time. Fucking hate it.

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Rarely is MDMA spiked, its either weak or to strong for inexperienced people. You need to remember being out in the sun, 20,000 people dancing basically nonstop.

The festival even makes djs take set breaks ie slow the tempo, lower the chest cracking base to give everyone time to slow their heart rate down, have some water and then get back to dancing.

I think its Canberra who may look to do Pill testing. The NSW mayor has made festivals public enemie #1 and pill trsting will never be supported. NSW Police struggle to actually take down the higher levels of organized crime look just look a the Ibrahims they are still going strong and everyone knows he is the king of the cross.

NSW Police force get lucky, so to make it look like they’re making progress on the war against drugs then need to take the users down so they can use the arrest rate as their success statistics.

Pill testing in other countries has been proven to reduce the amount of users.

The highest rate of users is actually 28 to 50 year olds.

Not sure if Sydney has implemented yhe scanners. They do howeverhave the strickest lock out laws. It killed kings cross, however, it has been implemented ID scanner in QLD for many years. We have a chip on out licenses they use to collect data. This was implemented because of the bikies.

We have lockout laws too just not as strict.

IMO i love illicit drugs personally however they are just getting weaker every year. Just make it legal, make it pure and it will make it safe.

Let the people decide how they want to live their lives. Natural selection has its place in the world.

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Yes I have lived in two different countries for over a year each. I have travelled to almost 20 different countries. This is what made me realise how much of a nanny state we are in terms of culture, laws, taxes and approach to health, safety, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, self defence, firearms, riding bikes, driving cars, working, using the internet, crossing the street, freedom of speech, finance, voting, harm reduction and personal liberty in general.

Of course I’m grateful and appreciate Australia, we really are lucky to live here. That does not mean we are not a nanny state though.

Regarding mdma rarely being spiked, Geez, I wish I lived where you live! I’ve never heard of anyone I know finding pure mdma these days. sometimes what people think is mdma contains mdma amongst many other things. A lot of the time it doesn’t contain any and is just marketed as mdma and has similar effects. This is easily shown by at home pill tests bough online.