Well, With the total lack of availability of any “Real” andro supplements in the Australian marketplace (by real, I mean synthetically produced 4-AD, 4-AD-EC, A1E etc), what is everybodys opinion of the available Herbal “Andro” preperations such as IronPower’s AndroStack and AndroStack Gel or Body Ripped Androbolin.
For instance the Androbolin product has the following ingredients (per Tablet):
Tribulus Terrestris – 4000mg
Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa) – 4000mg
Eucalyptus Globulus (Phyto-sterol) – 10000mg
Diosgenin from Protodioscin – 60mg
Diosgenin from Yam – 60mg
Phyto-sterol – 80mg

Total Saponins: 300mg

Of course I cant really work out how you can get 18200mg of product into a tablet (One damn big tablet:-) But regardless, do any Aussies out there have personal experiences, and does anybody else have an opinion…
Is it worth spending hard earned money on this stuff, or is the only benefit I am likely to see via the Tribulus Terrestris?
Bear in mind that in Australia there are no other Legal choices for “anabolic” supplements.

MS,don’t waste your money. None of this crap has any research-proven benefit for muscle gain/fat loss, with the exception of tribulus, and even then you have to be real careful about which tribulus product you use, most have FA of the beneficial active ingredients.
It’s sad but true, it’s easier and cheaper to get real gear than a lot of the supplements we read about in the U.S. mags!

Dont bother with all that “andro” shit dude. Give Tribulus a go and see what it does. I’ve taken it and the only thing i’ve noticed is that its given me more endurance through workouts. The only good shit we have in Australia and worth using is just creatine and protien powder. Dont waste your money on all these other rip off supplements when you could go out and just buy heaps of good food with it! Just my opinion! Catch!

Screw the stuff that IRON POWER sells mate! AndroStack and GH Stack doesnt really work…all it does it maybe improve your endurance, but i didnt really notice any real effects such as muscle weight gain or fat loss. Stay away from it…go spend your hard earned cash elsewhere.
Even Tribulus doesnt really promote any androgenic effects, all it really does it that it gives u a buzz when u take it on an empty stomach!

When I was living in Aussie you could get biotest Tribex 500 and methoxy, they were just real expensive because of the exchange rate. You can get them from Great Earth and Evelyn Faye stores in Melbourne, and some mail order joint based in NSW that advertises in flex magazine. I used the tribex and made substantial strength gains, but couldn’t afford to stay on it long enough. As for the Ironpower products, haven’t tried them - I thought they were hyping their stuff too much to be legit.

Well, It’s good to get feedback that pretty much correlates with what I thought, but you never can tell. Boombam - as far as real gear goes, I haven’t run across any, but then again I haven’t been looking too hard… Until such time as I do, I guess I just lift heavy and eat right…