Aussie T-Men - Tribex/Mag-10

To all aussie t-men I’ve managed to get tribex via netrition, arrived in less than a week. Customs did open the package but let it through all the same. I’m thinking about trying my luck with Mag-10, just wondering if anyone else had tried?

OK, Im not from Oz… Im a Kiwi, but I wouldnt risk it.

I think you guys have got tighter customs security than us and quite frankly I dont think it is worth the risk. As you said they opened your Tribex to check it… they let that through because its legal, AFAIK Mag10 isn’t!
In NZ I have found “one-offs” in some supplement stores for huge prices (~$US130/bottle),because its so hard to get in the country.

I used to get my friend in North Carolina to order MD6 for me (in bulk) and post it in individual discrete packages (say 2 bottles at a time) and I had no problems; at one point there I had 12 bottles of MD6 in my fridge! Pity they’ve stopped making it!

I was going to post a message asking if any one in Australia had managed to get their hans on Mag-10. If you do try to get it let us know how it works out, I’m keen to try it.