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Aussie support group

With all the tightened security following September 11, a lot of supps aren’t getting through. Apparently there is no more VP2, and I haven’t seen any Biotest stuff for ages. Anyway just wondered what you blokes are using in the absence of your favourite supps. I’m using VyoPro instead of VP2 (there’s a HUGE back supply of VyoPro), and just as I was about to try Tribex, guess what? I would especially love to hear any recommendations for any locally available brands of Vitex (I’m using GNC) or tribulus (I’ve heard “Blue Star” is good, but I was thinking of using GNC along with their Avena sativa at the same dose as Tribex).

Have you tried metaphysics stuff? They have aussie distribution. pro-soma.com

I’m using Natural Nutrition’s Vitex. I think its an Aussie brand? I purchase it online from vitashop.com.au. Costs about $12 for 60 x 1000mg capsules.

Go to netrition buy from them check products you order are o.k with customs. I’m having no problem getting methoxy or tribex. What the hell are you doing?

I am also using Natural Nutrition Vitex,cheap and does the job nicely.Redback Whey Protein is also a good value whey protein isolate.I ordered some stuff from the Life Extension Foundation a few weeks ago and had no problems,although the anthrax concerns probably were not as bad at that point.

I am in Macedonia right now and have been using an online supplier, netrition.com. They have a full line of Biotest products as well as many other brands. Great prices and fast shipping. I have no complaints about them yet.

BIG BRUVA- What dosage do you use with the N.N’s vitex? Thanks

Q “What the hell are you doing?”
A Using my brain. You should try it.